Patriot Front Marches on Washington

On Saturday, December 4, 2021, Patriot Front held a large marching demonstration in Washington D.C. in which hundreds of seemingly young, strong and robust white men marched through the city carrying America themed flags and donning khaki pants, blue jackets, sunglasses and white gaiter masks. The demonstration went smoothly as no arrests were made andContinue reading “Patriot Front Marches on Washington”

On the Derek Chauvin Decision

Derek Chauvin, the police officer involved in the George Floyd incident in May of 2020 was recently convicted on all charges including second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter.   This is a complete miscarriage of justice. It is clear from the footage and the evidence that officer Chauvin did not “murder” George Floyd. Floyd hadContinue reading “On the Derek Chauvin Decision”

The Defining Moment of the Trump Presidency

Today is January 20, 2021 and in a matter of hours Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States barring unforeseen events. As someone who is considered Alt-Right, or Dissident Right I am breathing a sigh of relief as this chapter comes to a close. Donald Trump was notContinue reading “The Defining Moment of the Trump Presidency”

American-European Alliance

What I do not understand with many Conservatives and American Nationalists is their open hostilities toward Europe and their fundamentalist “America First” approach to politics. They demand the USA place tariffs on European goods and services. They lament the trillions of dollars we spend on NATO defense to help European nations with their military and homeland security.Continue reading “American-European Alliance”

Why I do Not Support January 6 Coup

 Today is January 6, 2020 and as I am writing this a mob of Trump supporters have stormed the US Capitol building in Washington DC in an unorganized effort to reverse the results of the 2020 election and intimidate the electoral college into voting for Trump.   This is a Coup D’ètat in my opinion. An invading armyContinue reading “Why I do Not Support January 6 Coup”

Force the Vote on Medicare for All

Recently stand-up comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore has started a movement called ForceTheVote to get a floor vote for Medicare for All. The idea of this movement is to pressure Democratic politicians in the Progressive Caucus to withhold their vote from Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House unless she is willing to put Medicare for All upContinue reading “Force the Vote on Medicare for All”

Donald Trump’s Presidential Report Card

As the Presidency of Donald J. Trump winds to a close, I think it would be a good idea to reflect on how he performed in the highest office of the land. Donald Trump ginned up a lot of excitement for his presidential run in 2016, starting when he rode down the escalator at TrumpContinue reading “Donald Trump’s Presidential Report Card”

Sanction South Africa

The events occurring in South Africa today are not much different than the happenings in Rhodesia or Zimbabwe when Robert Mugabe was Prime Minister. Robert Mugabe was the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe who spearheaded a government sanctioned purge of white owned land from 1980 until the 2000’s. Mugabe refused to prosecute the killers of WhiteContinue reading “Sanction South Africa”

It Is Time for Free Market Conservatives to Take a Seat

Capitalist worship and free market fundamentalism is a staple of the Republican Party and the Conservative movement in America. From the widespread de-regulation and tax cut policies of the Trump administration to the outrageous fear mongering of Socialism from party leaders to the groveling at the feet of billionaires expressed by Conservative pundits like CharlieContinue reading “It Is Time for Free Market Conservatives to Take a Seat”