The Horrors of Diversity: South Africa

What is happening in South Africa today will be coming to a city near you and nobody will be able to shield themselves from the consequences of “diversity” much longer. No amount of Liberal virtue signaling will save you from what is coming. It doesn’t matter how many times you swear that you aren’t racistContinue reading “The Horrors of Diversity: South Africa”

Critical Race Theory is Anti-White

There has been a lot of uproar over Critical Race Theory as of late and it being taught in public schools. But to know what is happening we must understand what critical race theory is. Critical Race Theory is an academic movement created shortly after the Civil Rights Movement. The basic tenet of Critical RaceContinue reading “Critical Race Theory is Anti-White”

The Truth About Christianity

The Christian Religion is the enemy of the White race. Most Christians are the enemy of the White race and White children. That is the unfortunate truth of the matter. It seems almost illogical to say. After all Christianity is still the dominant religion amongst Whites and has been the dominant religion in Europe forContinue reading “The Truth About Christianity”

Why Capitalism Must Die

Capitalism is a destructive economic system that is undoubtedly leading to the complete destruction of the natural world and is blurring the lines between peoples, nations and borders. The ideology of Capitalism is inherently Globalist because ruthless merchants will ransack the world to find materials at the cheapest price and sell them to the highest bidder inContinue reading “Why Capitalism Must Die”

The Pathetic State of the White Race

When you look back upon the history books and see the feats of courage, brilliance and strength displayed by white individuals and white societies (White meaning a broad-based term to describe a group of people with a similar phenotype and genotype with ancestry that can be traced back to Europe) it is difficult to lookContinue reading “The Pathetic State of the White Race”

The Collapse of White Identity in America

100 years ago it was commonplace for politicians to shamelessly assert that America was the birthright of White, European peoples because it was the land we conquered, settled and built. Particularly the birthright of those from Northwest Europe. From its founding in 1776 until the 1965 Hart-Celler Act America was a country with a population more thanContinue reading “The Collapse of White Identity in America”