Patriot Front Marches on Washington

On Saturday, December 4, 2021, Patriot Front held a large marching demonstration in Washington D.C. in which hundreds of seemingly young, strong and robust white men marched through the city carrying America themed flags and donning khaki pants, blue jackets, sunglasses and white gaiter masks. The demonstration went smoothly as no arrests were made andContinue reading “Patriot Front Marches on Washington”

Around the World in 80 Days Review

Jules Verne was one of the legendary European authors of the 19th century. His action/adventure novels served as an inspiration for people all around the world and they transcended time. Verne can be described as a futurist or perhaps even a prophet because he predicted future technologies that came into existence well after he wroteContinue reading “Around the World in 80 Days Review”

The Horrors of Diversity: South Africa

What is happening in South Africa today will be coming to a city near you and nobody will be able to shield themselves from the consequences of “diversity” much longer. No amount of Liberal virtue signaling will save you from what is coming. It doesn’t matter how many times you swear that you aren’t racistContinue reading “The Horrors of Diversity: South Africa”

The Truth About the Iraq War

The Iraq War has been one of the most consequential events of the 21st century if not the most. The Iraq War began in 2003 when Western coalition forces dropped satellite missiles on the Presidential Palace in Baghdad and ended in 2011 when President Barack Obama withdrew American forces from the country. The cover rationaleContinue reading “The Truth About the Iraq War”

Critical Race Theory is Anti-White

There has been a lot of uproar over Critical Race Theory as of late and it being taught in public schools. But to know what is happening we must understand what critical race theory is. Critical Race Theory is an academic movement created shortly after the Civil Rights Movement. The basic tenet of Critical RaceContinue reading “Critical Race Theory is Anti-White”

The Truth About Christianity

The Christian Religion is the enemy of the White race. Most Christians are the enemy of the White race and White children. That is the unfortunate truth of the matter. It seems almost illogical to say. After all Christianity is still the dominant religion amongst Whites and has been the dominant religion in Europe forContinue reading “The Truth About Christianity”