Patriot Front Marches on Washington

On Saturday, December 4, 2021, Patriot Front held a large marching demonstration in Washington D.C. in which hundreds of seemingly young, strong and robust white men marched through the city carrying America themed flags and donning khaki pants, blue jackets, sunglasses and white gaiter masks. The demonstration went smoothly as no arrests were made and no violence occurred as police protected the group from potentially hostile bystanders.

The most interesting part of this event was not the march itself which had some positive aspects as well as some confusing and cringeworthy elements to it, but the response it received from the media both on the right and the left. There was a lot of butthurt and kvetching going on from both the right and the left and if it was Patriot Front’s goal to incite a reaction, they passed with flying colors. The left wing press offered up an explanation closer to reality than Conservative press, however the extreme butthurt of the Liberal press was transparent and their bias prevented them from offering up a sober view of the reality. MSNBC reported that Patriot Front “held a buffoonish rally” in Washington D.C., but that it was nothing to joke about because apparently it signifies that White Nationalism is on the rise and this could potentially endanger all of the American principles we hold so dear. While I agree that the rally was somewhat buffoonish and left people scratching their heads as to what exactly Patriot Front is attempting to accomplish, MSNBC is clearly biased and attacking Patriot Front in bad faith and out of malice. The left wants to portray Patriot Front as “evil, Fascist, White Supremacist, Nazi, Trump supporters who are well funded and represent a rise in “racist extremism”. This is silly because groups like Patriot Front go out of their way to condemn violence and go the extra mile to ensure they are doing nothing that could be portrayed as illegal. While their views on race may be “extreme” to the media bosses who run CNN and the New York Times and the average college football watching couch potato, these opinions on race are similar to those of the average American 70-100 years ago.

The instant reaction on the right was that all the people who marched for Patriot Front were Feds working for the FBI or CIA. This is ridiculous, conspiratorial nonsense that comes from a place of fear, jealousy and a little bit of retardation. As someone who was briefly involved with Patriot Front a little while back I can assure you that this group is not a federal agent honeypot. While Feds can slip through the cracks of any organization, Patriot Front is an organization of young, working class White guys who have nothing to do with the FBI and want nothing to do with them either. Patriot Front also has a vetting process in place to ensure sketchy actors and people who do not share their beliefs come into the organization. Patriot Front is looking for young men in their 20’s and 30’s in relatively good physical condition and hold ethno-nationalist opinions. They will not allow you to join if you do not meet these conditions. Just because this wasn’t a Trump rally filled with old, beer-guzzling, fat guys doesn’t mean that they were federal agents. Conservative commentators are also trying to scare people away from Patriot Front as a group when they make these disingenuous attacks. While it does look suspicious that everyone at the march was wearing a mask and trying to remain anonymous this is just basic op-sec. Patriot Front was trying to avoid doxing because odds are they would be fired from their jobs and ANTIFA would be lighting up the phone lines of their employers attempting to get them ousted from a job if their names and faces were revealed.

While the Patriot Front march was demonstrably successful in terms of drawing a reaction from their stated enemies it did not do much beyond that. It does look a little silly when a bunch of grown men in masks are shouting “Reclaim America” over and over again because they have been ordered to by their 24 year old leader and are not allowed to chant anything else. What does “Reclaim America” even mean? Reclaim America from who? What policy goal is Patriot Front aiming to achieve by holding this rally? It is all very vague and unclear and it’s hard to imagine anything substantive being accomplished as a result of this. Patriot Front is a pretty toothless organization overall in my opinion. While they have shown an ability to organize and march with discipline, they have shown no willingness to pressure politicians to adhere to their demands, whatever those demands even are. And Patriot Front is a group with a small online presence. Nobody involved in the organization has an attractive personal brand that can enter into the public conscious as a serious political option and there is no indication that Patriot Front will be able to field political candidates or big money donors as allies. They can partner with organizations such as the National Justice Party and even the Nordic Resistance Movement to expand the size and scope of their operations and increase their resource pool, but the far right has shown an incredible inability to avoid infighting and work together. These are the problems on the political far right all across the world.

While I was not involved in this Patriot Front march in any way shape or form it is perhaps a glimmer of hope. The National Justice Party protest in Waukesha last week combined with Patriot Front’s march on Washington may signal a change in the winds. The white race is like a caged and abused animal right now. We are prevented from expressing our true spirit and soul in a way that suits our nature and we are whipped like a dog if we try to. This is due to a variety of factors including economic, cultural, philosophical, spiritual, etc. There can only be so much time that passes before we say enough is enough and make change in the world. Perhaps this represents something, or maybe it’s just another virtue signaling protest with no teeth behind it. Only time will tell.

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