The Horrors of Diversity: South Africa

What is happening in South Africa today will be coming to a city near you and nobody will be able to shield themselves from the consequences of “diversity” much longer. No amount of Liberal virtue signaling will save you from what is coming. It doesn’t matter how many times you swear that you aren’t racist and it doesn’t matter how much money you give to Social Justice organizations, you will not be able to shield yourself from the racial vitriol that will be aimed in your direction as a White person.

South Africa is a good case study for what the entire Western world will look like in the future. The Demographic conditions of South Africa are significantly worse than any other White, western nation as they are an extreme minority dealing with a large African population that is uniquely violent and uncivilized. However we are dealing with the same types of issues. We are living in countries where the share of the White population continues to diminish and Whites continue to lose power in important institutions. As Whites continue to become less numerous and less powerful we will be subject to the will of our rulers. These people are out for blood and this is clear as day when looking at the current state of South Africa.

Rape. Murder. Chaos. Looting. Power outages. Gang violence. Corrupt police. Corrupt government to the extreme. Racial genocide. This is what daily life is like in South Africa. Crime rates have gone through the roof and this doesn’t even account for the number of crimes that go unreported due to lack of trust in the largely black police force. South Africa has a stunning 36 intentional homicides per 100,000 inhabitants each year and that is just what gets reported. In comparison the United States, which has a disturbing crime problem of its own has roughly 6 or 7 homicides per 100,000. People are afraid to leave their homes and go outside because of the burgeoning threat of violent crime. People have their houses boarded up with security grills over every window and door keeping doors locked at all times and always having a weapon close by. This is no way to live. South Africa has been dubbed the “rape capital of the world” as it has the highest number of reported rape incidents per capita by a wide margin. The idea of a White woman going for a walk or a jog all alone is absurd as there is a good chance she will be attacked, raped and the police will be late to respond, bought off with a bribe or perhaps they will even join in on the rape. The country is plagued with an electricity crisis as there are numerous power outages that last hours to days. There is also a racial genocide targeted against Whites in South Africa. The term “White Genocide” is a trigger word for many people because the word genocide usually entails drastic extermination measures that can be clearly identified. However there is no other way to describe what is happening. When the dominant political party, the African National Congress (ANC) is advocating for land expropriation without compensation and radical groups like the Economic Freedom Fighters openly chant slogans like “Kill the Boer”, “Kill the Racist” “Kill the Whites” at political rallies that fill stadiums it is clear where the country is headed. Widespread, racially motivated, torturous farm attacks are a part of daily life in South Africa and it is extremely rare for any of these attacks to be labeled as “hate crimes”. The media attempts to explain away and justify attacks on Whites as a reaction to the damaging history of apartheid. Whites in South Africa are also subjected to soft genocide. They are discriminated against with affirmative action quotas, they are denied access to jobs and they are increasingly being forced to live in impoverished squatter settlements with terrible living conditions. These people do not have the money or resources to leave the country even if they wanted to and the United Nations and western countries refuse to give White South Africans special refugee status and take them in as immigrants. The extreme anti-whiteness in South Africa should be concerning to any White person with a conscious especially considering that these people are just like you and you could just as easily be subjected to these conditions as they are.

The most horrifying thing about South Africa is the manner in which White people, particularly White farmers are being butchered in torturous fashion. It is evident by the nature of these attacks that the perpetrators are not only looking to kill and murder people. They want their victims to suffer. There are thousands of these murders in South Africa and more than 50 people are killed each day so it would be impossible to list every murder and attack that has happened. However it is a common tactic for black gangs to break into a home, kill the dog, tie up the women and children and wait for the father to come home from work. After he arrives, they tie him up and force him to watch as they rape and kill the women and children of his family. Sometimes they will leave the premises without stealing any items proving that these attacks are racially motivated. Old women are tortured and raped like this 64 year old who was killed with a power drill. In 2019 a man was arrested and charged with murder for defending himself from an attacker who broke into his car. 9 year old Kayla Meyer was murdered after suffering blunt force trauma and her body was discarded in a shed. Attie Potgeiter was stabbed with a garden fork 150 times and then his wife and 2 year old daughter were shot to death. These are just a few of the thousands of brutal murders that have taken place since Nelson Mandela came into power.

It is depressing and unsatisfying to think about what is happening in South Africa. But we must ask ourselves if this is the future we want for western civilization. Just because you have a comfortable life where you are not forced to confront these issues does not mean they won’t be arriving at your doorstep. Liberals and Conservatives who gloat and gawk about how they are not racist are going to have to consider their stance because they might just become another unfortunate victim of this equality experiment.

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