The Truth About the Iraq War

The Iraq War has been one of the most consequential events of the 21st century if not the most. The Iraq War began in 2003 when Western coalition forces dropped satellite missiles on the Presidential Palace in Baghdad and ended in 2011 when President Barack Obama withdrew American forces from the country. The cover rationale for the United States government getting involved in Iraq was based on the claim that Iraq was harboring Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) and the claim that President Saddam Hussein had close ties with the Al-Qaeda terrorist group. The cover rationale presented to the public is often times not the real or most pressing justification for War and in the case of Iraq this sentiment rings true. The Iraq War has greatly damaged America’s reputation as the “world’s police” in both foreign and domestic lands. Although America still has a powerful economy and military willing to assert its dominance on the world stage, we are seeing cracks in the foundation of the Empire.

The main reason for the Iraq War stems from the United States’ sycophantic support for the nation of Israel. There are ancillary reasons that contributed to the US decision to invade Iraq but none more important than Israel. It is important to note that the Bush administration was filled with Neoconservative Zionists, many of whom were Jewish. Just a few of George Bush’s high ranking Jewish foreign policy advisors included Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Edward Luttwak, Kenneth Adelman, Bill Kristol, David Wurmser and Elliott Abrams. Richard Perle was perhaps the most influential architect in creating the intellectual foundation for the Iraq War. Richard Perle led the study group which created the “Clean Break” policy document and he led the “Project for a New American Century” which was a think tank heavily connected to the Bush administration which called for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. Perle is a religious Jew, he was an advisor for the Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs (JINSA) and everything about his work suggests that he is a raging Zionist whose loyalty lies with Israel. The other aforementioned names also have deep ties to Israel and it is not out of left field to suggest their ethnicity and religious identification play a major role in their overt Zionism. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel during the time of the Iraq War was incredibly supportive of America’s involvement. In 2002, Netanyahu gave a speech to Congress in which he attempted to convince America to invade and topple Iraq. In the speech Netanyahu stated “If you take out Saddam’s regime, I guarantee you it will have positive reverberations on the region.” Netanyahu’s political influence over the American government should not be undervalued. In 2015 Netanyahu gave a speech in front of a joint session of Congress without the invitation of the sitting US President (as is precedent). Netanyahu received 28 roaring ovations from Democrats and Republicans alike in a speech where he denounced Obama’s signature policy: The Iran Nuclear Deal. President George W. Bush was a major supporter of Israel and the Jewish cause. As President, George W. Bush gave speeches to a plethora of Jewish organizations in which he affirmed his support for Israel and the Zionist cause. Jewish organizations in America were at the forefront of pushing for war in Iraq. Whether it was JINSA, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the American Jewish Democratic Council or even Liberal Jewish organizations such as Tikkun and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. There was almost monolithic support for the Iraq War amongst Jewish organizations with only a few dissenting voices in anti-war circles. The most hawkish organizations such as PNAC, the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies, or the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) although not explicitly Jewish had extremely Jewish advisory boards.

It is undoubtedly true that Israel and the broader Jewish community was foaming at the mouth for War in Iraq, but why would it have been beneficial to them? First and foremost there is a lot of money involved in War. George Bush’s pro-war presidential campaign was financed largely by multinational banks such as Bank of America, Merill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Lehman Brothers. Banking in the United States is heavily dominated by Jews and they are the people who invest in weapons and military gear manufacturers, oil and natural gas companies, and construction firms that rebuild war torn areas. Furthermore and more importantly Israel wants to create chaos and conflict in the Middle East so they can maintain and expand upon their Zionist project. It is no secret that Israel has greater aspirations in the Middle East than their little nation state along the Mediterranean Sea. Their expeditions into the West Bank and the Golan Heights is evidence of this but Israel also has visions beyond that and this was laid out in Oded Yinon’s strategy for a Greater Israel. If Israel is going to survive and expand they will need to destroy their neighbors and create Arab nations rife with turmoil, chaos, sectarian divide and distrust of leadership. This is exactly what happened to Iraq. The goal of Iraq wasn’t to provide them with Liberal Democracy where everyone can hold hands and sing Kumbaya. The goal was to create a de-stabilized country rife with terrorism and chaos so they would not present a threat to Israeli power. Israel is genuinely fearful of a unified Muslim bloc forming in the region and they cannot allow stabilizing leaders such as Saddam Hussein to gather a foothold even if they once supported Saddam Hussein. By the time the United States left Iraq hundreds of thousands of people were dead, there was a surge in violent crime, terrorist groups such as ISIS established a foothold in the region and politicians supported by the USA such as Nouri al-Maliki were using authoritarian methods to punish political opposition and suppress freedom of the press. This was not a military blunder on the part of the United States and Israel, rather this is exactly what was intended. If the goal was simply to remove Saddam then the US would have left Iraq by late 2003. But the USA continued to remain in Iraq against the wishes of the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people and it caused nothing but a wake of destruction.

Most Americans cannot fathom the sheer destruction and loss of life that occurred in Iraq largely thanks to the actions of the US Military. Most people have the luxury to live in their normie bubbles and not have to worry about what is happening overseas, but these are the people funding the US war machine with their tax dollars at the end of the day. The most conservative estimates state that roughly 150,000 Iraqis died in the war as a result of direct violence. The most liberal estimates have the death toll upwards of 2,000,000 and this doesn’t include the non-violent deaths that occurred as a result of war such as disease, starvation and suicide. NGO’s and Iraqi government statistics have indicated that there were more than 4 million orphans produced as a result of the war. Children with no family, no roof over their head or place to sleep as part of the destruction caused by the bombing campaigns and violence from the insurgencies. The chaos and destruction in Iraq came from all sides. The Iraqi insurgents, the independent Shia and Sunni militias and the western coalition led by the United States and new Iraqi government. Passions were high, violence was normalized and there were a lot of scores to settle. However the crimes and mismanagement of the western led coalition should be the focal point because they were the ones who escalated this conflict and they claimed to be the stabilizing force doing this for the good of Iraqi people. The United States government fired depleted uranium at civilian targets in Iraq. Depleted Uranium is known to cause a slew of long-term health conditions and ugly birth defects and this material was haphazardly used by the US military against civilian targets. Women in the city of Al-Fallujah were advised not to have children because of the horrible birth defects women in the area had as a result of the US military raining down depleted uranium onto the city. Iraqi prisoners under the capture of US forces and the CIA were the subjects of brutal or humiliating torture methods including rape, sodomy, sexual humiliation and murder. At the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq numerous photos of damning evidence were released proving the abusive practices U.S. soldiers were committing against Iraqi delinquents. Sodomy using painful objects such as wires, truncheons and tubes were a common practice. Soldiers raping inmates as female officers watched and recorded was common. Inmates were chained down in uncomfortable positions and forced to strip naked during interrogations. Interrogators commonly unleashed guard dogs on the prisoners ordering the dogs to bite and injure them. And some delinquents were even murdered and US troops flaunted taunts and insults while standing above their corpse. Some of the torture methods used in the Abu Ghraib prison were outlined in the Taguba report and much of the evidence was recorded in released photographs. Hundreds of thousands were killed, even more suffered long term health defects, a massive refugee and orphanage crisis came into being and for what? One could make the argument that the threat of Al-Qaeda was slightly reduced and that Saddam Hussein was a brutal right wing dictator who got what he deserved even if he was replaced by a different form of authoritarianism. But the Iraq War utterly failed in its stated goals to provide democracy and free the people of the evil clutches of the terroristic Saddam regime and the barbaric insurgency. The Iraq War was an unmitigated human rights disaster carried out by people claiming to be the divine moral arbiters of good.

What makes all of this so damning for the United States is that the premises upon which they invaded Iraq were based on a pack of lies. It is proven that Iraq never had Weapons of mass destruction. Colin Powell, the former US Secretary of State delivered his presentation making the case for war with Iran on February 5, 2003. In the speech Powell said “My colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we’re giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence.” This is one of many lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction that led to the war in Iraq. The government lied and the mainstream media covered up for those lies because they had an agenda to push. Another lie that was commonly promoted by the Bush administration and the mainstream media is that Saddam Hussein had connections with Al-Qaeda even though Saddam would have been the first one to lock Al-Qaeda members up in a jail cell and throw away the key. Even US Pentagon reports show that there was no link between Saddam and Al-Qaeda. And the Iraq War was part of a broader “War on terror” which was based on a lie. The idea that there were Middle Eastern terrorists hiding in a cave rubbing their hands together while plotting the destruction of the United States because they hate our freedoms is absurd. What is far more likely is that international bankers with tribal interests were attempting to plunder the world of every last dime and they saw an easy target in Iraq. The September 11 attacks played a major role in riling up the emotions of the American public. 181,500 people joined the armed services right after the 9/11 attacks and they provided the manpower necessary for the Iraqi occupation. Many of these people were White Evangelical Christians and without them this war would have been impossible. They were certainly influenced by the Patriotard propaganda that dominated the airwaves, but the September 11 attacks themselves had all the markers of a false flag attack. Iraqis were not even involved in the attacks according to the official narrative, yet the passion elicited from the traumatic attack was used to promote the Iraq War.

The War in Iraq was based on lies. The western coalition governments who started this war and the mainstream media were complicit in those lies. The Iraq War was an illegal war that violated United Nations (UN) security resolutions and was not sanctioned by the UN security council. Despite all of this none of the architects of this war have faced any punishment whatsoever for war crimes. George W. Bush and Tony Blair are free men today living in luxury. Many of the war’s architects still have influence in Washington D.C. Many of these people have admitted that the war was “a mistake” yet they aren’t eager to pay the consequences for their dastardly mistake. America’s reputation is gradually paying the consequences. Most people around the world view America as the most dangerous threat to world peace ahead of even Russia and China. There has been a decline in military service in the United States in large part to these destructive and unfulfilling wars. There has been an enormous financial cost to the American taxpayer. On average 22 US servicemen commit suicide each day because of the trauma they experienced in Iraq. American power and hegemony is clearly in decline because of straining wars and foreign overextensions and it is likely that America will cease to be the dominant global power of the world within my lifetime.

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