Critical Race Theory is Anti-White

There has been a lot of uproar over Critical Race Theory as of late and it being taught in public schools. But to know what is happening we must understand what critical race theory is. Critical Race Theory is an academic movement created shortly after the Civil Rights Movement. The basic tenet of Critical Race Theory is that White Supremacy is so deeply embedded in American history and American institutions that passing colorblind laws and anti-discrimination laws won’t be enough to achieve racial equality.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Critical Race Theory is Anti-White. Critical race theory is a practice or a mindset being taught in public schools all the way down to elementary school. It is teaching young white children with impressionable minds that their ancestors were wicked, evil and they are living in the shadow of a dark and racist legacy. Critical race theory places a hyper focus on all the ways racial minorities, particularly African-Americans have been mistreated and discriminated against throughout American history. Slavery, Jim Crow, redlining practices, racially motivated violence are common themes in the American education curriculum. Young children are inundated with these themes every single school year in their History and English classes and they are effectively trained to believe that White racial discrimination against non-Whites is the ultimate form of evil. In recent years, new themes have been introduced into the education including “White Privilege” theory, intersectionality, racial microagressions, and police violence against African Americans. A lot of Conservatives believe this overreach and radicalization on the left will lead to a White backlash but the polling does not bear that out. Millennials and Gen Z are more fanatical in their anti-whiteness than other generations because they have been receiving radical critical race theory, anti-white indoctrination.

White student at Windsor Terrace School, New York, feeling compelled to hold up black power fist

Critical race theory must be abolished. Inundating White children with hateful propaganda against their own race is unnatural, unhealthy and it is being carried out by people with malicious intentions. Critical race theory scholar Ibram X. Kendi who wrote a bestselling book “How to be an antiracist” states that discrimination against Whites can be considered antiracist if it is used to create racial equity. Another Critical Race Theorist, Tim Wise who authored the book “White like me” stated that White children “don’t deserve innocence” when black children like Tamir Rice are being gunned down by White police officers. Critical race theory scholar Noel Ignatiev stated “the key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the White race.” Any White person with an inkling of common sense realizes these people are not motivated by “equity”. They are hostile, malicious actors seeking the destruction of a group of people they hate. It is good to see White parents across the nation taking a stand against Critical Race Theory. 2 men in Loudoun County, Virginia were arrested for protesting the teaching of CRT. This wave of justifiable anger among parents is forcing some legislatures to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory. Every other ethnic group in the world is taught to love their own people and feel a sense of pride that they belong to a group with a common history and bloodline. Whether it be the Han Chinese, the Punjabs, the Jews, African Americans or any other group of people. White people are taught to hate their own kin.

What is the solution:

Of course Critical Race Theory must be abolished and it is something we can achieve in the short term, but it is not nearly enough. We should be aiming to see the complete and total re-structuring of our education system. Doing what is in the best interests of your race and people should be regarded as the highest virtue. Women should be taught to bear and raise White children of good character. Entrepreneurs should be taught to hire White workers and compensate them well over hiring cheap, non-white labor. White authors should seek to write stories that moralize White people and promote positive themes. History teachers should be teaching their White students about the greatness of their ancestors, the ancient civilizations they helped build, and the imprint they left upon the world. There is a role for everyone in a Pro-White society.

But most importantly we should not apologize for our past. We should be proud of it. White people are responsible for some of the most industrious, philosophical, artistic, good-natured and transcendent civilizations known to man and only we are capable of achieving such heights. The non-white rabble of the third world cannot come close to our potential when we are unified, strong and unapologetic. Our people certainly are imperfect and we have made mistakes, but with that said it is good to be White.

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