Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Spoiler Alerts:

This is not a movie I would typically watch, but I was with people for the Holidays and it was one of the movies recommended by HBO Max. I wanted to shut it off and switch the movie about 10 minutes in, but I figured it would be a good experience because it represents a marker for what the elites in this country want you to believe. So I settled in and took notes on some of the scenes I found interesting.  

The movie was directed by Patty Jenkins, a Jewish woman and produced by Jenkins, Gal Gadot, Charles Roven, Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder and Stephen Jones. 3 of the 6 producers are Jewish and the other 3, the Snyders and Stephen Jones are comic book nerds. All of these people hail from elite or middle class backgrounds and were educated in the Arts. This is to be expected of anyone in film but is also indicative of their politics and worldview.  

Grade: TRASH 

One of the first scenes in the film took place at a shopping mall with a scruffy white man dangling a little girl off a balcony of the mall threatening to drop her. This was the first of many scenes making a mockery out of white men, particularly economically disadvantaged, working class, Conservative white men. This scene and the ones that followed are not an accurate representation of reality. However, the scene was similar to the real life event of when a 5 year old white kid Landen Hoffman was thrown from a 3 story balcony by a black man, Emmanuel Aranda. Imagine Hollywood portraying that. Of course Wonder Woman swoops in to save the day and even snatches a gun away from one of the criminal white men and smugly remarks “I don’t like guns”. The propaganda in this movie was too thick and too obvious for anyone to resonate with outside of upper middle class Liberals. I am somewhat of an upper middle class Liberal, but this movie was not enjoyable.  

If I had to describe this movie it would be the triumph of the HR lady. It had the look and feel of a movie produced by Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren. The only remotely interesting character in the film with some character depth was Wonder Woman. Everyone else was vapid and lame. Barbara Minerva, played by Kristen Wiig was a well educated Liberal white woman working for the Smithsonian Museum as a Geologist. She even had a fangirl moment when asked to help the FBI identify stolen antiquities from a robbery. She could not believe it and she was so proud to be working with the FBI. If that isn’t intelligence agency propaganda, then I don’t know what is.  

We cut to a scene with Barbara walking down the street at night. She comes across a homeless black man lying on a city bench and she gives him tea and has a friendly exchange with him. Right after that Barbara walks past a homeless white man who catcalls her and attempts to rape her. As the man grabs Barbara, Wonder Woman swoops in and beats up the homeless white man before anything bad happens. Throughout the film there are Asian men who flirt with Barbara in a high class, respectable manner while the white man are largely portrayed as leering, catcalling fools. Not an accurate representation of reality in any way. Later in the film Barbara gains the powers of a superhero. She happens to confront the man who attempted to rape her and she viciously assaults him in an intense, vengeful manner. I couldn’t help but think the Jewish producers of the film were trying to display their racial animus toward white men, particularly poorer white men with this scene.  

The antagonist in the film is Max Lord, a wealthy international businessman and media entrepreneur. Max Lord has a lot of parallels to Donald Trump, specifically a young Donald Trump. He is a disruptive billionaire, born into a wealthy family who is more or less on board with the status quo, but has the potential to cause a lot of trouble if he isn’t kept on a tight leash. He has an unpredictable personality and he is a raging narcissist and womanizer. The director invites you to root for Max Lord’s success if you have a rebellious personality, however it is clear that Wonder Woman is the protagonist of the story and you are supposed to root for her. Wonder Woman is a status quo manager and she is a Liberal Zionist type. It would be easy to imagine her character working closely with a Joe Biden administration. Wonder Woman is not a radical leftist as she seems like a character who would facepalm herself if she saw a mob of people chanting “defund the police”. She also seems like a character who quietly supports Zionism while castigating the more extreme elements of this movement to make herself look humane. But her job is to essentially maintain the status quo and ensure that unscrupulous characters such as Max Lord don’t get too far out of line. Max Lord is a lame character because he is a white man with an adopted Asian son whom he loves dearly. At the end of the film Max apologizes for what he did and is perfectly re-integrated back into the system.  

The graphics were cheesy. The story was cheesy. The characters had no depth. Most of the male characters in the film were weak and completely emasculated, especially Wonder Woman’s boyfriend. The messaging was bad. But to its credit it is a popular movie that a lot of people are going to watch and has enough action to prevent you from falling asleep.  

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