Why I do Not Support January 6 Coup

 Today is January 6, 2020 and as I am writing this a mob of Trump supporters have stormed the US Capitol building in Washington DC in an unorganized effort to reverse the results of the 2020 election and intimidate the electoral college into voting for Trump.  

This is a Coup D’ètat in my opinion. An invading army of outsiders is attempting to overthrow an existing power structure through intimidation and violence. It is an unorganized, clownish, brainless and unserious coup that wasn’t well thought and was doomed to fail, but it is a coup nonetheless.  

I am not inherently opposed to coup d’ètats. In fact they can be some of the best and most honorable expressions of the human race. Think of the American Revolution or the Scottish Wars of Independence. And I do believe we live under an oppressive system that needs to be overthrown and replaced. The current system we have is evil, destructive and leads people down the path of nihilism by its very nature. But this is not the way to do it.  

The Trump movement is completely unserious about pursuing real change. It is a half-baked, anti-intellectual, primal and unorganized reaction to the failures of Neoliberalism. Even that is giving it too much credit as Trump willfully implemented the same Paul Ryan agenda that Republicans have been putting forth for decades and hasn’t done anything to change business as usual. He simply added edgy tweets to the standard Republican platform. Despite Trump’s inability and unwillingness to change the system, his supporters have stood by him every step of the way leading me to believe that they also don’t really want real change.  

So the only logic behind this “revolution” is that Trump supporters are mad that their candidate lost. They didn’t storm the Capitol building with a list of demands and changes they want. They can’t articulate the policies and the agenda they want to see implemented. They are mad that Trump lost and Joe Biden is set to become the next US President. Trump used Fascist and Authoritarian messaging techniques in his 2016 campaign and he appealed to the primal urge of many people who want to have an authority leader who is going to look after them and keep them safe. This is why he has so many ride or die supporters. 

As someone who supports real change I do not support the actions of Trump supporters in Washington D.C. and I am rooting for their arrests and prosecutions. It is true that Trump and Conservative media have been gaslighting these people for months by telling them the election was stolen and the Dominion voting machines were hacked. They should also be held responsible for damages that occur. However, it’s hard to feel sympathy for people when they are so easily duped by obvious scams and con-artists.  

I do not support putting Revolutionary energy into something as fruitless and unserious as the Trump presidency. We need to save Revolutionary energy for where it matters. The Charlottesville rally for example. It is hard not to look back on the Charlottesville rally with fondness. They did not achieve their goal of preserving Confederate monuments. But they did scar the psychologies of our racial enemies and they fought on a meaningful battlefield. They fought on the battlefield of race. Race is something that is real and important and has long term spiritual implications. Keeping carnival barking, reality TV Star Donald Trump in office is not important.  

A lot of people are critical of police actions during this protest, but I am not. What exactly are you supposed to do when there is an angry mob of thousands storming into the Capitol building armed and dangerous? When they are fighting with police after being told to leave? When they are stealing sensitive Congressional information and destroying historical relics inside the Capitol? I am surprised and impressed that there were not more police shootings.  

I completely condemn and disavow this protest/riot and support law enforcement identifying and prosecuting anyone who helped lead or organize this event.  

On a side note, the death of America has begun. The legitimacy of our institutions are shattered after something as shocking as this. Something new must arise in America’s decay and death. 

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