Why Capitalism Must Die

Capitalism is a destructive economic system that is undoubtedly leading to the complete destruction of the natural world and is blurring the lines between peoples, nations and borders. The ideology of Capitalism is inherently Globalist because ruthless merchants will ransack the world to find materials at the cheapest price and sell them to the highest bidder in the world. This sickness has only been streamlined by advanced technology. The process of breaking down borders and globalization egged on by Capitalists will lead to the destruction of the White race and that is something we must stop. It is of the utmost importance.  

Capitalism is a far more evil ideology than Fascism and Communism even if you grant the detractors of those ideologies the horrors they claim to have occurred under those systems. Fascism seeks to do what is in the best interests of the race and the nation state while Communism, in theory seeks to do what is in the best interests of the proletariat. Capitalism seeks to do what is in the best interests of a small clique of ruthless international elites who have no regard for blood, race, nation, people, or anything beyond how much money they can accumulate. Capitalists have and still use slave labor to produce large numbers of cheap goods that they can sell on the global market. Back in the heyday of the Industrial Revolution in England, factory owners demanded male laborers work in dirty, dangerous, filthy factory conditions for 16 hours a day and female laborers for upwards of 12 hours a day. White factory workers in the late 18th and early 19th century in America dealt with far more severe and inhumane conditions than black slaves in the South prior to the Civil War. This type of brutal capitalist exploitation still occurs in the third world but it doesn’t happen as much in the West today as it did during the 18th and 19th centuries due to new technologies developed that have decreased reliance on labor as well as government regulations on Industry. But just because it’s not quite like it was during the industrial revolution doesn’t mean the impulse to exploit has gone away. Even though the slave-like conditions of the industrial revolution do not exist anymore we still live in an extremely exploitative society that insists on underpaying workers and laborers. The mere prospect of raising the minimum wage from $7.20 an hour to a reasonable number such as $15 an hour is enough to make greedy capitalists quake in their boots. They view movements to enhance working conditions for laborers as violent, radical threats that must be suppressed with violence if necessary. From the Chicago Haymarket riots to the Peterloo massacre to the violence that broke out at the Occupy Wall Street protests, capitalists have shown that they would rather kill people than provide their workers with a better condition than mere subsistence.  

Capitalism is a Jewish institution. Even though Jewish people were heavily involved in the inception and implementation of Communism, and are involved in Socialist movements today, it is of my belief that the Modus Operandi of the Jewish people is to be Capitalist. Throughout all of history Jews have made their bread through banking and mercantilism. Jews are very good at being middlemen. They haggle for the lowest possible price and then relentlessly scour the city, or the globe to find the highest bidder. Jews are a very materialist people who love money. And they have no qualms about using lies, deception and other means to sell their cheap product at an exorbitant price. Look no further than the Movie “Uncut Gems”. In the Movie, Adam Sandler’s character, Howard Ratner convinces his father in law to drive up the price of a gem at an auction. The gem was appraised for far less than a million dollars, but Howard wanted to cash in big. Howard attempted to trick Kevin Garnett into thinking the gem was worth far more than it really was throughout the movie. This is a perfect representation of the nature of the Jew. From the Rothschild family to the Lehman family to the Goldman Sachs intelligentsia, all they care about is making money and they don’t care how many people suffer suffer from their tricks and schemes, especially if those people are not Jewish. Jews also attempt to convince others to embrace the ideas of free market capitalism, global free trade and laissez-faire economics so they can do what they are best at. Make money at the expense of others. There are many non-Jews who make their bread as ruthless, rapacious capitalists. Jamie Dimon perhaps being the most famous modern day example. But these people are basically spiritual Jews in their mentality and their behavior creates an atmosphere where Jews are more comfortable. It is true that the Protestant ethic of industriousness was one of the major reasons why Capitalist ideology spread and became popularized in Europe, but this ethic is directly tied to the Jewish sanctification of commercial profit. Just as Christianity is directly tied to Judaism.  

Capitalism is a soul-sucking, materialist ideology that judges people based on how much worthless paper currency they are able to accumulate in a rigged economic system instead of the qualities they possess. We need to get away from materialism. Democratic presidential candidate and current NYC Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang had a good quote. “We need to disentangle economic value and human value.” While that quote reeks of Liberalism and Universalism, it gets at the essence of what I am trying to say. The health and wellness of our people physically, mentally and spiritually is far more important than how many plastic products we are able to buy on Amazon and how many TV’s we can produce for couch potatoes. Materialism is a factor that must be considered and I support improving the material conditions of the White working class, however materialism can not be the be all end all. A healthy, vibrant people is not based on GDP per capita. We need to strive for a greater sense of racial identity, better, more sociable communities, a better culture of arts and crafts, and most importantly install a mindset in our people of working for a greater, higher purpose in life rather than just working to get by.  

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