The Truth About the Tulsa Race Massacre

Foreword: Credit of this article goes to TheRightStuff.Biz. I encourage readers to listen to the entire Podcast on the Tulsa Race Massacre

The story of the Tulsa Race Massacre is a made up myth. It has been over-exaggerated and overhyped as a means of playing up the history of White racism in America and providing an excuse as to why Black Americans aren’t as successful as other groups. It has been used as a “Blood Libel” against White Americans to further propel Anti-Whiteness and White guilt into the mainstream. There are examples of White people using racism and ethnic favoritism in American History but the evidence for the Tulsa Race Massacre is shoddy at best and non-existent at worst.

May 21, 2021 will mark the 100 year anniversary of the “Tulsa Race Massacre.” The story goes that mobs of White Tulsa residents were so envious of the success of “Black Wall Street” that they went on a rampage through Tulsa burning down innocent people’s businesses, homes and properties, murdering and butchering any black person in sight. Of course there was more of a backstory that led to these series of events, but this is the way the picture is painted.

Black Wall Street: Black people are poor and impoverished everywhere they congregate in the world. It does not matter if it is America, South America, Asia, Africa, or Australia. The black population always has a lower GDP per capita than the White or Asian populations of a region. African countries consistently lead the world in crime ratescorruptionpoverty, etc. The idea of a Black Wall Street, a city built, governed and controlled entirely by blacks in which blacks are wealthy, economically prosperous, civilized and functional is quite far-fetched given what we know about black people today and the ways in which they behave. There is no such thing as a “Black Wall Street” and there never was. According to what we know based on a historical examination of events such as the 2001 Tulsa Race Riot Report more than 35 square blocks of the city was destroyed and it amounted to a mere $32.65 million in property damage in today’s money. The Greenwood District of Tulsa where blacks mostly congregated was plagued with high crime rates according to local newspapers. A story in “The Tulsa Tribune” which described Tulsa as a city of great wealth with rich agriculture and mineral wealth lamented the Greenwood District of the city which it described as “Niggertown” and “Little Africa”. Niggertown was a cesspool of iniquity that had lax laws against drugs, crime, prostitution and other vices and this was because law enforcement allowed blacks to take over the region and influence it any way they saw fit. The point is there was no “Black Wall Street.” The Greenwood District of Tulsa was not a historical version of Wakanda or a hub of black ingenuity and success. There may have been a few black owned churches, restaurants, and businesses, but that exists everywhere. Based on local reporting from the time, Black Wall Street was actually a hub of criminality, chaos, and black pimps just like modern day St. Louis and Detroit.


“The horror. White mobs on a rampage”. To say the history of this event hasn’t been propagandized is the understatement of the year. Almost every mainstream article you click on in regards to this event is laden with descriptive adjectives and very few actual facts. The mainstream media of today is obviously more concerned with painting a narrative than they are discovering the truth. One red flag you might find is that the media only ever blames one side. White people. There is never any blame or condemnation to go around for the blacks who shot and killed 10 white men at the Tulsa County Courthouse. There is also zero speculation that Dick Rowland actually did attempt to rape Sarah Page even though the local newspapers and the clerk at the nearby Renberg store allege that the attempted rape did indeed occur. The Tulsa Tribune reported that Dick Rowland tried to assault Sarah Page and he was arrested on charges of assault. We do know that roughly 20,000 white women are raped by black men in America each year. Yet the modern media scoffs at the idea of this and runs with the claim that Rowland accidentally stepped on Page’s foot causing her to scream for help. What is quite curious about this event is that absolutely nobody was charged, prosecuted, or named. There are no people or individuals to blame for this crime and nobody has ever been found guilty of burning down Tulsa. This is quite strange considering the fact that the FBI had already begun ramping up counter-terrorism efforts against the Ku Klux Klan well before 1921. If this really was the greatest racially motivated massacre in American history, you would think the FBI and the federal government would have found at least 1 person to lay the blame of this event on. We are supposed to believe that Racist Whites literally fired up the engines of their World War 1 style airplanes and dropped turpentine fireballs on the city. This is according to numerous eyewitness testimonies. Richard S. Warner of the Oklahoma Commission concluded that there was no reliable evidence to suggest airplanes played any major role in the massacre, however a few eyewitnesses such as Buck Franklin assert that Kerosene bombs were indeed dropped from planes on black homes and fleeing blacks.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest the “Tulsa Race Massacre” was very similar to the events that transpired in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. What we saw in Ferguson, Missouri was a bunch of looting, burning and rioting after excitable events caused large numbers of blacks to take to the streets. What we know about the Tulsa Massacre is that large numbers of armed blacks took to the streets after news of the events at the Tulsa Courthouse began to spread. Looting, burning, and rioting ensued. Testimony from National Guard Captain Frank Voorhis described the event as a “Negro Uprising” and gave a detailed account of armed blacks unleashing sniper fire at National Guard officers and Firefighters tasked with putting out the fires and quelling the riots. A Black Deputy sheriff from Okmulgee County blamed a “Negro Dope-head” for inciting his race into riots. According to the eyewitness report of Sheriff Barney Cleaver, Negroes were responsible for the rioting and he claimed they were the ones who burned down several of his properties. The eyewitness report of O.W. Gurley corroborates Barney Cleaver’s report that Black ring leader Will Robinson incited blacks to riot and destroy the city. There is evidence that deaths occurred and buildings were destroyed but there is very little evidence from the time to suggest that Racist Whites were involved. There has been a revisionist history with the Tulsa Race Massacre in recent years as new eyewitness testimony begins to emerge but this cannot be taken as seriously as the local news reporting at the time and the eyewitness reporting from the time. Recently, Viola Ford Fletcher testified in front of Congress the events she supposedly witnessed in Tulsa. However this comes nearly 100 years after the fact and she is reading off a paper that has been given to her. National Guard and military reports from the likes of Frank Voorhis and the eyewitness reports of Gurley and Cleaver should be taken far more seriously as they are official accounts taken right after these events occurred. Ford Fletcher’s testimony is akin to Jews at Dachau who claimed they saw gas chambers even though it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there were no gas chambers at the Dachau camp.

Ferguson, Missouri, 2014

The events that transpired at Tulsa are shrouded with political propaganda and political motives and because there is no video footage of what happened we will never really know. But it really makes no sense to trust a systematically Anti-White media that clearly has no interest in offering an unbiased account as to what really happened in Tulsa.

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