The Truth About Christianity

The Christian Religion is the enemy of the White race. Most Christians are the enemy of the White race and White children. That is the unfortunate truth of the matter. It seems almost illogical to say. After all Christianity is still the dominant religion amongst Whites and has been the dominant religion in Europe for nearly 2,000 years. Seemingly this would be an institution that works on behalf of White interests given how popular it has been and still is among White people. But that has never been the case and the idea that Christians are our enemy rings true today more so than ever before.  

It is true that Christianity is a very inclusive and universal religion and that is inherently counterintuitive to ethno-nationalism or ethno-centrism which is inherently exclusive and prestigious. It is true that Christianity teaches you to love thy enemy and do good to those who hate you. It says this in Matthew 5:44. You can see how this becomes a problem when others are unwilling to return the favor. Christianity started as a Jewish religion. The Holy Bible is essentially a written record of Jewish myths and folklore passed down from generations. Jesus Christ, the son of God who sacrificed himself for everyone was born a Jew and declared himself “King of the Jews” John 19:21. Jesus’s impact on world history is undeniable and has to be respected in a sense, but he does not represent the Aryan ideal of strength, beauty, intelligence, loyalty, dominance and greatness like the God Apollo. Jesus is the God of tolerance, forgiveness, passivity and egalitarianism. There is no doubt Christianity has been weaponized to dissuade people from acting in their racial interests and is used to create a more philo-semitic atmosphere; and that may very well be the purpose as to why Christianity was invented and diffused in Europe. After all Saint Paul the Apostle and other racial Jews made a concerted effort to popularize Christianity in Europe. It is easy to see how Christianity leads to a society in which we glorify the sick, the weak, the genetically/racially inferior and shy away from the strong and the good. The logical conclusion of Christianity will lead human society towards a dysgenic and fallen state. Because no matter how much people blind themselves to reality through divine myth, the truth about nature is that the strong survive and the weak die off and Jesus won’t be gliding down from the heavens to save you. 

There are many flaws in the ideology of Christianity that make it a sick and twisted force, however what may be a more interesting topic is what Christians are doing today. The foot-soldiers in the war against the White race today are mainly White Christians filled with racial and religious guilt and suffer from a lack of racial pride. They are race traitors willing to sacrifice their own race in order to defend hostile, outside groups. BLM activists, immigration activists, refugee rescue groups, Multi-racialist Conservative groups who pretend that race isn’t important. The majority of people who make up these groups are White Christians or Neo-Christians who have been poisoned with a Christian mindset. Christians make up the front lines in the war against the White race and the Jews wouldn’t be able to do anything were it not for these Christian collaborators enforcing their desired agenda. 

Perhaps the most prominent person in the Christian world today, Pope Francis is absurdly Liberal to the point of hilarity. During the Summer of chaos last year following the death of George Floyd, Pope Francis prayed for George Floyd and decried “the sin of racism”. This is George Floyd we are talking about the black man with a crippling drug addiction as well as a long, violent criminal history. This sentiment is extremely popular in Christian circles. Just do a quick YouTube search and see what most of them have to say on the topic of racism. Christian pastors believe that all of us are one and we are all made in the image of God. Churches across the western world are willing to house black and brown immigrants and refugees even if they are breaking the law because they believe that is their divine purpose in this world. Christian organizations, not Jewish organizations are at the forefront of promoting mass immigration, refugee resettlement and racial diversity. Even the Evangelical Christians in more Conservative and rural environments are insistent about helping non-whites and even they will adopt a child from the third world to virtue signal what good Christians they are. Plus the issue that activates Evangelical Christians the most is abortion. Evangelical Christians are willing to join large protests, lobby politicians, donate exorbitant amounts of money and in some extreme cases kill abortion doctors in order to promote their pro-life agenda. Abortion is the only acceptable form of eugenics we have left in order to prevent the west from becoming completely overrun by non-whites and “spiteful mutants”, but White Evangelicals are working hard toward making this a reality.  

Finally there is the issue of Neo-Christianity. Christianity has been declining in popularity pretty rapidly over the past 50 years across Western Civilization. Rationalism, Darwinism, New Atheism and the rise of competing religions such as Islam may all be contributing factors to the decline of the institution of Christianity. However, we still live in a deeply religious, deeply Christian society. The left in particular is heavily influenced by the Christian mindset even if most of them are not Christian themselves. The modern left believes it is the ultimate virtue to support BLM, welcome in immigrants, denounce White Supremacy, support gay rights, etc. Instead of Eve eating the Forbidden Fruit from the Garden of Eden, Liberals believe the original sin to be White Supremacy. White Supremacy is the ultimate sin in their minds and they must do everything in their power to cleanse themselves of it and maybe they will achieve salvation and be seen as one of the good Whites. This religious mindset blinds them to the point where they end up defending criminals, rapists, murderers, usurers, pedophiles, etc, at the expense of others to avoid being seen as racist or adjacent to racism. Neo-Christianity would not exist were it not for Christianity. If Christianity never spread to Europe and the Pagan Gods had won out there would be no George Floyd worship, there would be no Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., there would be no Gandhi, and there would be no Holocaust memorials.  

We must find a way to combat the sickness of Christianity and the millions of Christians who stand in our way if we want to see a world where White children are strong, swift, proud of themselves and dominant.  

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