The Pathetic State of the White Race

When you look back upon the history books and see the feats of courage, brilliance and strength displayed by white individuals and white societies (White meaning a broad-based term to describe a group of people with a similar phenotype and genotype with ancestry that can be traced back to Europe) it is difficult to look back on their achievements without a sense of awe and wonderment. These are the people who were explorers, conquerors, architects, artisans, philosophers and playwrights. They built the foundation of ancient civilizations in Rome and Greece as well as the basis of modern civilization. They spread their dominion across the entire globe through exploration and colonization and established an order of high civilization. They did make mistakes but they did a lot that was good and righteous.  

The difference between the past and present is day and night. In the past we could confidently assert our identity without guilt and shame and silence anybody who challenged us by sword or by duct tape. It is questionable if we even have a true identity at this point in time. White people these days tend to define themselves by the products they consume, the tv shows they watch and the mainstream promoted artists they listen to instead of who they are in flesh and blood. It is truly lame and embarrassing how often white people apologize for the deeds of their ancestors. No other group in the world is as quick to disown and wash their hands of their own history and heritage. Whatever problems they may face otherwise, it is obvious that Asians, Africans and Jews have a healthy sense of racial identity and pride. The same can not be said for Europeans. What is equally embarrassing is the Conservative-minded white who repudiates collectivist ideology because they are afraid to admit that race does matter and does have real world consequences both in the past and present. They attempt to deny other peoples their sense of racial identity because they are scared to fully embrace white identity. 

So what is the reason for this unpleasant predicament we face? The answer to this question is long and complex and there are many people to blame. However the easy answer is this. White people are brainwashed. White people have been brainwashed from birth to believe that all races are equal, multiculturalism and equality is the greatest thing to ever exist since sliced bread and whites are evil for having thought themselves superior in the past and must pay reparations for the scars and inequities they have caused. This is what we are taught in school, movies, television, radio, magazines, media, cartoons, lectures and everything in between. We are inundated with this type of propaganda from birth and dissenting views to this paradigm are shamed and silenced. Because white people have malleable minds, have evolved to conform to the acceptable social standards of the day and have lost the ability to think critically we face a situation where large masses of white people are cheering on the disempowerment and destruction of their own race while sneering at, castigating and ignoring people who fight back on their behalf. Racial enemies of the White, Aryan race; the Jews have infiltrated and taken over important sectors and institutions of our society and used their power and influence to mold the minds of the masses. While I do not solely blame the Jews for our current predicament, it is difficult to ignore the influence they wield over the West, particularly in media. Like lemmings being led off a cliff, the white masses have been trained to accept and act upon narratives that will lead to their racial annihilation.  

The white race is undergoing a stage of decline and death. We are physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually weaker than we used to be. Our birth rates have dried up and we are dying faster than we are replenishing. The quality of our racial stock has declined due to miscegenation and dysgenic breeding. We are losing power and influence over the mainstream. Our societies are becoming increasingly dysfunctional and low-trust. We can no longer depend upon our neighbors, childhood friends or even family for support due to irreconcilable differences in politics, religion, or lifestyle. Hyper-individualism rules the day and collective unity has gone by the wayside. This is the type of environment that breeds alienation and nihilism. It also breeds decadence and degeneracy as people struggle to find purpose and meaning.  

To get a taste of how pathetic we are as a people, we have allowed the unchecked spread of porn to become so ubiquitous that it damages the mind, body and soul of almost every white person in the world. Obesity has skyrocketed and male testosterone levels have plummeted in recent decades. We have allowed hostile Jews to take control of the countries we built and promote their white race hate every day in the propaganda we consume. We have a welfare state that enables minority groups to outbreed us and pro-create tons of ugly children without doing meaningful work to benefit society in return. We encourage our women to marry and coalesce with black athletes, entertainers and gangsters. We destroy the beautiful statues of our most honorable men from the past and replace them with disgusting, soul-crushing displays of Dionysian modern art. We allow mind-numbing apps like Tik Tok to not only exist, but become fashionable and trendy. The average white male under the age of 30 is more likely to listen to Kodak Black, NBA YoungBoy or Lil Uzi Vert than they are Beethoven or Mozart. A marker of high status in the past would have been to attend a ballroom dance party in formal clothing and dance with your partner in a slow, romantic rhythm as harmonious classical music fills the background. A marker of high status today would be to attend a crowded nightclub and watch a sweaty, Transgender pole dancer strip as Cardi B’s “WAP” blares in the background. White men have allowed this culture to exist and thrive. It is undoubtedly true that racial diversity has watered down and mongrelized western culture and whites have almost completely assimilated into this destructive, mongrelized culture.  

But there is hope. While it is true that things look bad right now, there is no time to despair. There are still white people in this world who have a healthy sense of racial pride and identity. Not every white person is a soy-boy comic book reader or a clout seeking cuck. There are still members of our race who were born with healthy instincts in their body. We still have the physical and mental faculties within us to overcome the odds and rule the world. And I think other people know this as well.  

One thought on “The Pathetic State of the White Race

  1. The people who discourage the learning of real history, but keep revisiting racism when things are far better since the foundation of America, have their secret reasons for doing so.


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