The Jewish Problem

The Jewish Question has become a popularized phrase in political debate circles throughout the years. I refer to it as “The Jewish Problem”. When you consider the impact the Jewish people have had on the world and society it becomes clear that the world would be a better place without them. Detractors of this argument might say “Jesus Christ was a Jew and the Jews are God’s chosen people. This is why we must support the Jews.” More intelligent people would say something like “Look at how many Nobel prize winners have been Jewish. It is clear that Jews are a people of great intelligence and have done great works to benefit humanity.” There have been Jews who have made contributions to medicine, music, the arts, sciences, etc, but when you look at the totality of Jewish influence, they are a scourge on the Earth. Not just the elite Jews at the top of the pyramid. The whole tribe.  

Consider the destruction the Jews wrought on the Soviet Union through the ideology of Communism. Communism was conceived by the Jew, Karl Marx and Jews contributed heavily to the intellectual development of Communism which promoted materialism and class warfare. The Russian Revolution which resulted in the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II and the abolition of Monarchy was heavily financed by Jews throughout the world such as Jacob Schiff, Lucien Wolf and other wealthy Jews in London, New York and Germany. The first Politburo of the Bolshevik Party had 7 members in total, 3 of whom were Jewish. Keep in mind the Jews were roughly 1% of the total Soviet population at the time. Jews disproportionately controlled the leadership of the Bolsheviks and were among the most prominent members. Leon Trotsky was one of the 3 most influential Bolsheviks and he commanded the Red Army during the White Revolution. Grigory Zinoviev was the leader of the Communist international and spoke publicly about murdering dissidents. Lazar Kaganovich was a deputy chairman who played the chief role in the Holodomor genocide which was an intentional famine that killed upwards of 3 million people. The Jew, Naftali Frenkel developed the slave labor system which put millions of people in excruciating, torturous Gulags for no good reason and the Jew Felix Dzerzhinskii was the leader of the Cheka which conducted mass kidnappings and carried out executions on the spot without a trial. According to some sources 50% of the Cheka’s central apparatus was made up of Jews and anyone who fell in the hands of the Cheka would likely find themselves in the hands of a Jewish investigator. Jews were deeply involved in the Communist revolution and the genocide of upwards of 20 million White Christians in Russia was of their doing. The best of our people were murdered in cold blood during the Great Purges including doctors, scientists, engineers, intellectuals, military leaders and soldiers. Their deaths were carried out by Communist Jews. Don’t take it from me. Take it from 1970 Nobel Prize winner in Literature Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who spent much of his life in the Gulag concentration camp system.  

We must also consider the role of Jews in American life. It is no secret that Jews hold disproportionate power in banking, media, entertainment and politics which has led to the disgusting, degenerate, Anti-White culture we see in America today.  

Jews have always made their bread in banking and market speculation since the days before Nathan Mayer Rothschild lied about the Battle of Waterloo to buy up the British stock market for 10 cents on the dollar. But the Rothschild family certainly isn’t the only Jewish family involved in banking. The Lehman brothers, the Warburg family, Marcus Goldman, Samuel Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, Jacob Schiff, Larry Fink and others are just a small list of the Jews involved in the highest levels of banking who insist on exploiting workers through their usurious loan sharking and corrupt insider trading. The reason why we have a system of debt slavery in which there is more debt than actual money in circulation is because greedy bankers who control the banks and run the Federal Reserve have no qualms exploiting the general population for their own benefit. The Federal Reserve was a private bank established in 1913 that has total control over the amount of money printed in the United States. Even though the Constitution of the United States declares Congress has the power to print and coin money, our system leaves it in the hands of a private bank to do it who in turn loans the money they print at interest. Congress doesn’t even have the power to audit the Federal Reserve’s transactions with foreign governments or any transactions they make under the guise of the Federal Open Market Committee. All of the chairmen of the Federal Reserve were Jewish from 1987 until 2018. In a country where Jews only make up 2% of the nation’s population they have certainly had a lot of power and control inside the Federal Reserve and the big banks that work closely with the Fed.  

Jews dominate American media. From the Sulzberger family at the New York Times, to Eugene Meyer, the original publisher of the Washington Post, to all the network stations including NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN featuring prominent Jews in their highest ranks it is safe to say that Jews control the media. And because they have such immense power over media they are able to enforce their racial biases in their propagada in order to advance their group interests. The media is eager to celebrate illegal immigrants coming over from Central America and describe how they contribute greatly to the American economy instead of revealing the true impact they have on White society. There is a reason why the national media overexaggerates white on black crime and severely underexaggerates black on white crime. There is a reason why organizations such as Black Lives Matter are portrayed as heroes fighting for justice whereas right wing, majority White groups are painted as evil, White Supremacist terrorists. It is because Jews dominate the media and they direct their racial animus of White people through media propaganda. The Pro-Israel nature of the media also proves Jewish control. Even though the national news media tends to agree with the Progressive left on social justice issues there is a stark contrast between those groups when it comes to Israel. The Jewish run United States media serves as another propaganda arm for the Israeli state when they lie about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction, when they lie about Bashar Al Assad using chemical weapons against his own people and when they underplay or refuse to cover the details of the destruction and ethnic cleansing carried out against Palestine.  

The Jews are thoroughly in control of the major forms of entertainment we have in America including film, television, radio, music, magazines, book publishing houses, social media and pornography. One of the most telling indications of Jewish power is the fact that Jews owned the 6 major Hollywood studios including 20th century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and Walt Disney studios. The only one of these studios which was not founded by a Jew was Walt Disney Studios and they put out wholesome, family friendly content that White people could enjoy with films and television shows such as “Davy Crockett”, “Peter Pan”, or “The Jungle Book”. The Jew, Michael Eisner eventually took over Walt Disney studios and their films and TV shows began to incorporate racial diversity, homosexuality and other forms of cultural rot. Hollywood is a cesspool of Jewish producers, directors and actors who love to show off their abnormal, scatological perversions for all to see. The Jews were the pioneers of the “torture porn” genre which has become thoroughly mainstream in a society that once would have rejected it in a healthier time. The Jewish filmmakers in Hollywood enjoy humiliating White characters on screen and lionizing radical black power politics. In the film “Django Unchained” produced by the Weinstein brothers, the black protagonist of the film says “Kill White people and get paid for it. What’s not to like?” The film “Inglorious Basterds” which received 8 Oscar nominations portrays Jewish American soldiers sadistically torturing and murdering scores of Germans during the Second World War. These people are depicted as protagonist heroes whereas the Nazis are portrayed as horrendous villains in each and every one of the scores of films Hollywood has dedicated to the Holocaust. Hollywood has promoted and made fashionable the degeneration and Niggerization of American culture. From the Stoner movie genre which glorifies substance abuse and White people acting like stupid retards to the Jewish owned Music Television Channel glorifying black gangster rappers as fashionable role models and desirable sexual partners for young white women. This culture didn’t come to be organically. It was heavily financed and promoted by Jews with lots of money, power and media control. The Jews have been hard at work wreaking the cultural and racial destruction of our people through film and television. Jews also control the Pornography industry which has destroyed the lives of millions of young boys and girls through addiction. Nathan Abrams, the professor of film studies at Bangor University in Wales wrote an extensive article about Jewish involvement in the adult film industry. Steven Hirsch, Ronald Jeremy, Paul Fishbein, Irving Slifkin, Reuben Sturman, Al Goldstein, William Margold have all grown fabulously rich in pornography. The owner of the porn site which features beautiful and bright white women being sexually dominated and humiliated by black, African men is a Jewish man named Greg Lansky. And then when you dive into who owns the major social media platforms that ban anyone with Pro-White politics critical of Jews you will find Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Google, both Jews. Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of Facebook and one of the 5 richest people in the world. Susan Wojicki is the CEO of YouTube which has heavily banned and de-platformed right wing content. Paul Singer, billionaire Jew is a giant stakeholder in Twitter. Even if some of these institutions don’t have a Jew at the top doesn’t mean they haven’t been thoroughly Judaized.  

There has been a level of cultural rot and degredation like nothing ever before seen in history over the last 100 years. Say what you want about the cultural rot 100 years ago it is at a far more advanced stage right now. Ru Paul Drag Race is one of the premiere television shows in the United States. 6ix9ine, Cardi B, NBA YoungBoy and Moneybagg Yo are some of the highest regarded singers/songwriters in America. A new generation of mind numbingly retarded Tik-Tok stars like Bryce Hall have become worldwide sensations. These people did not come out of nowhere. They typically have wealthy Jewish agents who promote and advertise their content to young people with impressionable minds and trick them into believing that this garbage is fashionable and cool. An unintelligent society is a society easily manipulated and controlled.  

Whatever good things Jews have done to advance the human state pales in comparison to the amount of anguish, misery and death they have brought to our people. The Jewish race is a great misfortune to the White race and the world. Imagine how many White lives have been destroyed by debt, usury, substance abuse, addiction and media brainwashing. Imagine if we lived in a homogeneous country surrounded by people who look and think like us instead of living in a nation tightly controlled by hostile aliens plotting our demise. Imagine if we could be proud of our history and proud of who we are instead of being called wicked and racist by an enemy race that hates us. I would argue that White race traitors and Organized Christianity pose a bigger threat to the survival and flourishing of our race than anything else in the world. With that said the Jews truly are our misfortune and we would be better off without them.  

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