The Defining Moment of the Trump Presidency

Today is January 20, 2021 and in a matter of hours Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States barring unforeseen events. As someone who is considered Alt-Right, or Dissident Right I am breathing a sigh of relief as this chapter comes to a close. Donald Trump was not a good president for white people. Under his watch the United States got browner and whites became further displaced by waves of non-white immigration both legal and illegal. Not only that, but Trump also diverted real, raw, emotional right wing energy into a form of gay Conservatism defined by the black unemployment rate and the Dow Jones industrial average.  

Perhaps this is something we should have expected from Donald Trump. After all he is a Liberal, New York City billionaire from the baby boomer generation. His quotation of Mussolini, his soft disavowals of David Duke and his dog whistles calling out corrupt, global special interests in Washington were just a mirage. It was intended to gin up excitement and populist fervor to get him into office. It was not a genuine attempt to drain the swamp and kick out the subversive global elites planning and plotting our destruction. Even so, Donald Trump was not a good president by his own standards. Trump did not get out of Syria like he promised, he did not end birthright citizenship like he promised, he did not declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization like he promised and he did not ban affirmative action or diversity training like he promised. He did make a half-assed attempt to build the wall, drain the swamp and put America first but the notion that this changed the status quo in any way is laughable.  

The Defining Moment: 

With all of Trump’s failures in his first 3 years in office taken into account, he had the opportunity to erase all of that during the summer of chaos sparked by the death of George Floyd. He did not. On Friday, May 29 of 2020 protests raged in Washington D.C. as left wing groups gathered to “protest” the death of George Floyd and police brutality. Although George Floyd was a criminal drug addict who resisted arrest that did not stop the left from showing out in full force to honor this man’s “legacy”. They gathered in front of the White House in a tense confrontation with police.  

What did Trump do in response to these bullies? He hid in his underground bunker like a bitch. Instead of seizing this moment to invoke the insurrection act, declare ANTIFA an illegal terrorist organization and deploy the military on these people, Trump refused to do any of that and violent, anti-white riots raged across the country for months.  

A lot of the protesters/looters/rioters were just people looking to get an adrenaline rush or a free XBox. That much is true. However, a lot of the people involved in these events were true villains spouting extreme, vitriolic, anti-white rhetoric. Many were deplorable white race traitors who deserve punishment worse than death, particularly those who kneeled down at the feet of blacks. The scum of the Earth converged to protest the death of a career criminal in George Floyd and that was when we needed Trump’s leadership the most. He failed to answer the bell. It was the perfect moment in time to shut these people down with force and show them who was boss. After all they were engaging in illegal, criminal activity. It was the perfect moment in time to galvanize the white race against the forces which seek our destruction. It was the perfect moment in time for Trump to become the “racist, fascist, Nazi, KKK” president the left accused him of being. And what did Trump do? He hid inside his little bunker like a bitch.  

Hopefully Trump will be remembered as a coward and a weakling if he is even remembered at all. Honoring someone who shows weakness and cowardice in the face of direct adversity does not set a good precedent. A true leader and a true man is supposed to show courage and honor. Trump did neither of these things on May 29, 2020.  

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