Profile: Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson was born in Johannesburg South Africa on July 1, 2005 to a wealthy financial investor from New York, Edmund Wilks, and a Boer South African mother Elna Joubert. Robert changed his last name after a heated familial dispute with his father which ended in both parties agreeing to cut ties with one another.  

Robert stood 6 feet 1 inches tall, weighing 205 pounds. Robert had a fit and athletic frame. He had short, light brown hair and blue eyes along with a scruffy beard. Robert had wrinkles on his face from sun damage, but he had a strong jawline and high cheekbones.  

Robert was born into extreme wealth and was handed everything. Robert was not an exceptional student but through his father he got an education at Cape Town University and landed a comfy job at Edmund’s investment firm FISA. Robert grew increasingly disenchanted with the soul-crushing nature of his life. The lack of honor and dignity of being a trust fund baby ate at him and he was sick of the lame meetings and cocktail parties he had to attend. He felt dead inside.  

Robert read about farm attacks and land expropriation happening in South Africa as well as rapes and murders targeted against the white population. Robert’s father, a famous business tycoon held a publicized Q&A summit with a live audience in December 2029 to discuss the issue of race after mass riots broke out when a white South African cop shot and killed a black man who looted a Boer owned convenience store. In the Q&A session Robert’s father said he understands the outrage, the need for police reform and racial justice, but wishes it would be done in a more constructive manner. Dissatisfied with Edmund’s answers, Robert initiated a heated exchange calling his father a “Nigger Loving Bitch” with “no sympathy for your own race”. Edmund, shocked at what Robert said, said “I didn’t know my son was such a racist creep” and accused Robert of being a “worthless leech who grifts off of my success.” This exchange resulted in both parties agreeing to cut ties.  

Robert, more confident in his beliefs than ever, feeling his dad was a coward and a creature of the system decided to become a revolutionary. Robert got a low level management job at the investment firm GoldBank and joined the Afrikaner National Resistance Movement (ANRM) in 2030 as an anonymous member. Robert produced literature and propaganda leaflets for the group and he met and befriended the likes of Sebastian Smit, Ben Wepener and James Duncan during his time in the group.  

In February of 2034 Robert shot and killed black power activist and leader of the South African Black Power Party (SABPP) Moses Mabhiba at a political rally just as Mabhiba was going into a tangent on white privilege. Robert was able to escape without being detected. This set off a slew of assassinations committed and inspired by Robert throughout the decade. Robert trained White farmers to defend their territory. He developed methods designed to lure in black criminals, rapists and thieves and brutally murder them, planting a white flag in them to leave no doubt as to what brought about their demise. Robert quietly encouraged the stabbings and murders of politicians, journalists and White Liberals who posted support for the “End White Privilege” movement on their social media. Robert committed over 150 assassinations by himself and inspired many more. Robert was promoted to Chairman of the ANRM on July 5th, 2041.  

The South African Government instituted the No Tolerance for Hate law in January 2042 which ordered the arrest of any person proven to be a member of a hate group. This backfired on the government because it only resulted in errors and miscues from the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) whose job it was to crackdown on hate crimes. The National Intelligence Agency accidentally murdered a 5th grade schoolteacher, Jane McCall believing her to be a member of a revolutionary hate group. This sparked mass outrage and mainstreamed support for Revolutionary movements such as Robert’s. 

Sensing the growing public support for his cause, Robert decided to go public with his identity and leave his job at GoldBank. Robert authored a book “The Need for European-Afrikan Unity” which sold 2.5 million copies in 6 months. Robert entered the political scene holding large rallies in town centers where he delivered fiery speeches accusing the government of turning their backs on the white population and facilitating genocide. Robert attacked the liars and snakes in the media and praised South Africa’s rich history of greatness before Mandela.  

The African National Congress voted to declare war against the Afrikaner Resistance Movement on June 4 2045. They called upon international support to assist them in their efforts and the South African Government received military and financial aid from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Israel and the United States. At the Cape Town Massacre on November 30, 1945 General Robert Johnson launched a surprise attack upon Cape Town in the dark of night ordering his men to murder any black person they saw, men and women alike. This resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths and the army could not do much as they were already demoralized and could not see or hear Robert’s men in the dark of night. The guerilla tactics of Johnson’s men were highly effective against the klunky and unimpassioned South African Army led by General Idi Mugab. General Mugab surrendered to General Johnson after the Battle of Soweto in which Johnson’s men inflicted heavy casualties on Mugab’s retreating and disorganized forces. Idi Mugab peacefully surrendered on August 9, 2047 and there was a photo-op of Johnson and Mugab signing a peace treaty and shaking hands  

Robert Johnson and 50 other men drafted a Constitution which formed a new Republic in the land of South Africa. Johnson was named Principal Leader of the new Republic on August 9, 2048 and served the new republic as head of state until his death in 2089. The Johnson administration implemented strict measures to curb black crime until it was virtually non-existent. Race mixing was outlawed under the Johnson administration and race mixers were jailed on charges of Beastiality. The Johnson administration restored the architecture of the Republic and implemented government works programs to beautify the country. Johnson founded the South African space program in which they became the First Nation to successfully put a man on Jupiter. Johnson was the architect of Leopold Stadium which became the main hosting site for the annual Medieval Games, reviving the sports and competitions of Ancient Europe in its true form. Johnson died in the Leader’s Castle in Johannesburg on October 8, 2089 surrounded by his family.  

Robert married Galadriel Aetna on March 20, 2044. Galadriel was often described as the most beautiful woman in all of Africa. Galadriel had long, light blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Her sheer beauty has been described as “intimidating” by many. She was 10 years younger than Robert. Robert and Galadriel had 3 children together, 1 son and 2 daughters. Their son, Ares Johnson would later succeed Robert as Principal Leader of the Republic after Robert’s death in 2089.  

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