Memorial Day Military Worship

If you are like me you have probably seen an endless wall of posts on social media reminding us to never forget the men and women in the United States armed forces who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us. While this sentiment may have resonated with me strongly 5–10 years ago it falls on flat ears today. 

What I have concluded over the past few years is that US Military members are not special people. There is nothing about them that is any more honorable, noble or exceptional than any ordinary citizen. These are largely people who are only interested in the benefits and job opportunities provided by the military. It has nothing to do with love of country or desire to protect and serve the American citizenry. As a political dissident who is genuinely interested in changing the status quo and modus operandi, it makes it even more difficult to have a shred of respect for veterans who belong to an institution designed to maintain the status quo. The US Military is not on my side and they are not on the side of regular, taxpaying American citizens. They are on the side of billionaire oligarchs, weapons manufacturers and Zionist imperialists. 

It felt to me as if military worship was declining in America particularly due to the fallout from the Iraq War. Donald Trump rose to power in the Republican Party using Anti-War rhetoric. He labeled George W. Bush a war criminal and even said “Bush lied and people died.” All of that turned out to be empty rhetoric as Trump was a very hawkish President in terms of foreign policy and drastically increased the military’s budget. While I do believe support for the military is gradually declining among the American public there is still incredibly strong support for the military among the American Right. It makes sense. After all the Knighthood class has always been paid respect and reverence from society more so than the average profession whether it be in Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Byzantine or America today. It is natural to cozy up to the strongman who will protect you from hostile foreign enemies. And when you consider the ubiquitous, omnipresent nature of the military industrial complex it is impossible to ignore the sheer amount of people who’s livelihoods depend upon the military industrial complex. Watch Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell address. However the US Military is not our friend and it is hard to think of an institution that has caused more damage and destruction over the past 500 years than the United States military. 

The US Military is a cesspool of Liberalism and Anti-racism. The motto of the U.S. Army is essentially “Diversity is our Strength”. There is nothing about the U.S. Military that is based in blood. Militaries of the past fought on behalf of a race and a people. They wanted to conquer new lands so people like themselves would have more space and more resources to grow and thrive. That is a noble pursuit in my opinion and that is supposed to be the purpose of a military. The idea that the military is fighting for me or my “freedoms” is absurd. Dropping smart bombs on air-raid shelters in Baghdad doesn’t benefit me or assist in providing me “freedom”. The American Military today is fighting on behalf of rich capitalists who wish to secure shipping lanes, oil fields and pipelines so they can make more money for themselves. To the extent the U.S. military is fighting on a racial level they are fighting for the protection and expansion of the Jewish race in the Middle East. It is no secret that Israel seeks to destabilize competitive nations in their region and expand their borders into the West Bank and beyond. All of this was laid out in the Clean Break Memo. And when you consider that the US Military is roughly 1–2% Jewish you can only help but think that US Servicemen are doing their dirty work. 

The history of the US Military and the destruction it has inflicted on the rest of the world is nothing short of tragic. This is why I hesitate to pay gratitude to anyone who has been a part of this organization. From the firebombings of historical European cities in World War 2 to the completely unnecessary and failed Vietnam War in which the Military contaminated over a million people using Agent Orange to the offensive and aggressive bombings of multiple Middle Eastern countries that hasn’t resulted in any tangible victory the American military has been a disgrace to the world. The millions of lives that have been lost, the endless lines of people who’s homes were destroyed and have been forced to take refuge in western nations, the cultural heritage sites that have been demolished. All of this was done for what purpose and to what end? Have we built a superior, more beautiful civilization on top of the ones we have destroyed? The answer is no. The American military has actually established a more destructive, post-modernist culture on top of the ones we have destroyed that promotes the hallowed values of market liberalism, multiculturalism, tolerance for homosexuality, feminism and atheism. We may have destroyed your cultural heritage site that was built more than 1000 years ago, but you should be thankful that you now have the freedom to shop at the Wal-Mart we built on top of it. 

The worship for the US Military needs to end. Nothing has made it more clear to me that the US Military is the enemy of the White race when they were brought in to stop the BLM riots over the Summer and they all kneeled down at the behest of the protesters. The US Military agrees with Black Lives Matter. They agree that Diversity is our Strength, they agree that White Supremacy poses an existential threat to the United States and they are an organization that sucks up trillions of our tax dollars to engage in destructive and soul-crushing military expeditions. Even though people who honor fallen Veterans do not necessarily support the Military industrial complex you are signaling your support for the US Military and everything it does when you aggressively worship veterans and active service members and condemn people who point out its flaws. 

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