Lord of the Rings Review

I recently embarked on a journey to watch the entire Lord of the Rings series including “The Hobbit” trilogy as well as “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. I watched them in chronological order starting with “The Hobbit” and ending with “Return of the King”. I had never seen Lord of the Rings before and never read the books. I only had a vague knowledge of it before I started. I was pleasantly surprised with the series in both the quality and messaging of the films. It is clear that J.R.R. Tolkien’s literature has strong racial undertones. Peter Jackson, the director of the LOTR movies did a good job displaying Tolkien’s message in the films and did not mince his work to appease Hollywood elites who prefer movies which demoralize whites and exalt “anti-racist” ideology. 

Grade: A 

The first 3 movies I watched were those in “The Hobbit” trilogy. Outside of the “Misty Mountain Cold” song that came out of this film, “The Hobbit” trilogy was largely forgettable. They are entertaining popcorn flicks with solid action and storytelling, however this prequel was simply a lesser version of the trilogy that came before it much like Star Wars. There is an allegory connecting the Dwarvish people with the Jews. Much like the Jews the Dwarves are a spread out diaspora longing to return to their true homeland. However, I personally don’t see much of a connection between Jews and Dwarves in behavior. Dwarvish people are brutes who love to fight and get messy. They are not intelligent nor are they tricksters. Dwarves are direct with their intentions in stark contrast to the way Jews behave and the way they are portrayed throughout history. The best of the Jews are their intellectuals and propagandists. That is not to say they don’t have men capable of combat or honor, however this is not a characteristic common in Jews compared to other races. Thorin Oakenshield was great because of his fighting prowess and his leadership. This is not the type of character that comes to mind when you think of a Jew. Overall the Hobbit films are worth watching because they are fun, but they do not live up to the Lord of the Rings. It is simply a regurgitated version of LOTR and more of a cash grab than anything. But still fun to watch.  

As for Lord of the Rings trilogy I was pleasantly surprised in both the quality and messaging in the film. The film was very well directed and produced. It had a good mix of action and dialogue and stunning visuals. It was filmed entirely in New Zealand and the geography of that country is beautiful. Mountains, valleys, rivers, volcanoes, forests, caves, enough to make your spirit content. There was no ugly architecture as the buildings took on a classical, but futuristic, European vibe. All of the main characters had an aura that was strong and memorable. Frodo, Gandalf, Aragorn, Gollum, Sauron, Saruman and Galadriel had a presence that jumped off the screen. The contrasts between the locations and the characters made the films non-repetitive and easy to watch. The production value gets an A.  

I was also very happy with the messaging in the film. The truth about film and art is that everything is a political statement. Even if you attempt to avoid trigger point topics you are going to anger someone because everything is inherently political. A good piece of film or art is something that resonates with you on a deeper level because the artist sends a message that you agree with and relates to your lived experience. LOTR did this for me. 

Starting with the fact that every actor in the films was a white person. Every Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf and Wizard is a white person. This is hard to ignore especially when living in a hyper-racialized, 21st century American environment. It is a peaceful bliss away from the reality of our current multi-cultural ecosystem. It is a glimpse into what a futuristic white ethno-state would look like. LOTR in this sense lies in stark contrast with the “Thor” movies which turned Asgard into a multi-racial, multi-ethnic realm in which Thor’s girlfriends are Jewish and mulatto respectively. A complete perversion of what was intended in Norse Mythology. Peter Jackson did not put any diversity in the films and stood true to what was intended in Tolkien’s literature.  

Furthermore there are serious racialized messages and undertones that are impossible to pass over if you analyze the film. If you fast forward to “Return of the King” and go to Aragorn’s final battle speech at the Black Gate he exclaims “This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!” Men of the West? What could that possibly mean? Could that possibly refer to the founding stock of Western Civilization? I think it is pretty obvious. Men of the West is an obvious dog whistle referring to white peoples of European stock. It is almost as if Tolkien is calling for a Pan-European, White alliance to unite and face off against the dark forces of the world together.  

It is hard to imagine the Orcs as anything but a race symbolizing non-European savages and barbarians. They are deformed beasts with savage, animalistic instincts. They have an inferior culture but they have the drive and the ability to pose a very serious threat to the livelihood of men. Some writers suggest they represent the Mongols or the Japanese. They are Eastern invaders. I think this is the most likely explanation. Their deformed facial characteristics are reminiscent of the spiteful mutants who occupy the radical elements of far left anarchist movements. 

Gollum is highly representative of a Jew, particularly an Ashkenazi Jew. Gollum is like a reptilian Hobbit in appearance. Gollum is obsessed with the ring in a way that few others are. Much like Jews dominate the Diamond and Jewelry industry and are oft stereotyped as materialists who love money and riches. Other characters in the film fall victim to lust of the ring, but it does not consume their lives the way it does Gollum. Gollum is very tricky and great at playing the victim. He has to do this because he is weak and would be helpless if left to his own devices, much like the Jews. He successfully convinced Frodo to take pity on his poor soul and invite him on the journey despite his true, conniving nature. Gollum infiltrates the fellowship and convinces Frodo to turn against his best friend and fellow Hobbit Sam even though Gollum intends to murder Frodo and steal the ring from him. It is clear that Gollum is very sick both physically and mentally. Gollum deliberately leads Frodo into the tower of Shelob to be murdered by a giant spider and plots to murder Frodo in his sleep. Gollum is a backstabber and one who should not be trusted even though he comes across as an innocent victim.  

Another Semitic character in the film is Wormtongue, the chief advisor to both King Theoden and later Saruman. Wormtongue is watching over a senile ruler in King Theoden who has no capability to lead a nation. Wormtongue does not want to be seen as the leader because he does not want the blame to fall upon his shoulders if things get out of hand. However Wormtongue is effectively the one who calls the shots in the Kingdom of Rohan. Wormtongue lusts after the King’s daughter, Eowyn hoping to adulterate her blood with his wretchedness. Wormtongue is similar to a Jew like Jared Kushner.  

King Denethor is emblematic of a decadent ruler who cares more about his own well-being than the people of Gondor. He is dishonorable and collapses under the pressure of losing his son as well as the upcoming war and the prospect of Aragorn taking his seat on the throne. This is in contrast to King Theoden who rises to the occasion and fights. King Denethor is also a pessimist. He is of the belief that the West has fallen and there is no hope. Tolkien is obviously trying to send the message that you should be a happy Warrior who never loses hope of victory no matter the odds or bad things will happen to you.  

Saruman the White is emblematic of a White race traitor. Saruman is a Wizard and Wizards are the guardians of Middle-Earth who have a responsibility to hold powerful forces accountable and ensure that everything remains in balance. However, Saruman teams up with the dark lord Sauron in his quest to destroy Middle-Earth. Gandalf is the noble Wizard who stands for what is good and righteous.  

The race of men resembles Anglo-Saxon people. They are very tough and capable as a people and they rise to the occasion when things are difficult even though they have many flaws and their leaders can be corrupted. The race of elves are Nordic in both appearance and character. They are a blonde-hair blue-eyed race that is beautiful and tall. They are very noble and pure. They are highly compassionate but they are also great warriors. Dwarves represent more of an Eastern or Southern European peoples. They can be sloppy and they are not the prettiest race in the world but they are also loyal to the cause and their bravery never falters. Hobbits also represent an Aryan type.  

The movie was a rejection of Liberalism as well as equality. There is a glorification of hierarchical relationships and authoritarianism. King Aragorn is glorified as a hero and a rightful leader because he is the most capable of men and comes from the genetic line of Isildur. They also make a distinction between different races of people in terms of their intelligence, physical prowess and other behavioral characteristics. Tolkien and Jackson do not pretend for one second that everyone is equal and capable of reaching the same heights. Hobbits are not as wise as Wizards and Dwarves are not as beautiful as elves even though these races are fighting for the same cause. This is a complete rejection of the current American paradigm which teaches us that all men are created equal regardless of race. LOTR makes it clear that equality is not real in nature and racial warfare is inevitable when you have 2 completely different species, such as men and orcs fighting for the same space.  

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