Force the Vote on Medicare for All

Recently stand-up comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore has started a movement called ForceTheVote to get a floor vote for Medicare for All. The idea of this movement is to pressure Democratic politicians in the Progressive Caucus to withhold their vote from Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House unless she is willing to put Medicare for All up for a vote on the house floor. Nancy Pelosi is not willing to put Medicare for All up for a vote and she is a staunch opponent of the idea.  

Everything about this idea makes sense. If we get a house vote on Medicare for All we will find out which representatives truly support Medicare for All and which ones do not. There will be immense grassroots pressure against every politician who votes against Medicare for All because it is an issue that is widely supported amongst the general public and it is an issue that many are passionate about.  

The problem is that Democrats in the House who claim to support Medicare for All, most notably Alexandria Ocasio Cortez are unwilling to vote against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Which calls into question their integrity and true intentions. Does Alexandria Ocasio Cortez actually support Medicare for All or does she just pretend to in order to win votes and fame?  

In my opinion healthcare is something that should be guaranteed as a right to every citizen of a nation, as long as that nation has the means to implement such a program. Nearly every industrialized nation in the world has implemented Universal Healthcare with the United States being a notable exception. Despite the fact that we live in a tremendously wealthy country in terms of GDP per capita and we have plenty of medical infrastructure to implement Universal Healthcare, politicians drag their feet on issues like these due to pressure from insurance lobbyists. There are also people who like their private health care because they have extra money to spend on insurance and they get prioritized treatment. However, I believe everyone should get the same quality of service no matter who they are. Whether they are rich or poor, black or white, I believe everyone in this country should be subjected to the same health care system. A nation is supposed to be a family. We are not supposed to leave people to die if they cannot afford healthcare and go bankrupt because of it. We are supposed to help them get their life in order so they can become productive citizens. If we were all under the same health care umbrella it would force a lot of people to consider who they really want to share a nation with.  

Medicare for All comes along with a lot of benefits. That is why it is used by nearly every developed nation in the world. It would eliminate co-pays, deductibles and all out of pocket expenses. It would eliminate medical bankruptcy and medical debt. And it would destroy the private insurance mafia that gets rich off of fraud and scams. It is more obvious now than ever that this is the right thing to do in the midst of a deadly pandemic. 

I encourage all to sign the petition at and pressure Progressive Democrats to withhold their vote from Nancy Pelosi.  

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