American-European Alliance

What I do not understand with many Conservatives and American Nationalists is their open hostilities toward Europe and their fundamentalist “America First” approach to politics. They demand the USA place tariffs on European goods and services. They lament the trillions of dollars we spend on NATO defense to help European nations with their military and homeland security. They view Europe almost as an alien force who we need to cut ties with in the name of America. This is not an opinion I share in the slightest.  

Throughout the Trump administration, the United States imposed numerous tariffs against the European Union, Canada and other countries in the broader white world. As a policy I find this utterly stupid because Europe provides the USA with high quality machinery, chemicals and other manufactured products that help our economy thrive. Canada is also a major export to the USA and trade between us is advantageous to all sides. I also believe we should pursue a policy of free trade with Europe and Canada in order to empower the white world and decrease dependence on Asian and brown labor.  

On a deeper, philosophical level I do not think we should allow petty nationalism to divide us. While it is true that humans evolve quickly and there is a distinguishable culture, accent, attitudes and way of life that separates us, there is also a lot that unites us. Even the most American of Americans is only 500 years removed from having ancestors from Europe. That is hardly a blink of an eye in terms of how long humans have existed on Earth. As the white diaspora we have more in common with our fellow Europeans than any black or Asian citizen living in Europe. We share a common history, blood and legacy. We are all “Men of the West” to quote J.R.R. Tolkien from Lord of the Rings.  

While I may be too much of an idealist for this to come to fruition, as human nature demands conflict and often times we feel threatened by those most similar to us. However, this is absolutely necessary in an increasing globalized world as the white race loses its place. It would also make sense to view people in racial terms instead of which country they reside in based on arbitrary, ever-changing lines.  

As a long term idealist goal, I think we should pursue free trade and open borders with Europe as well as other nations of the white world such as Canada, New Zealand and Australia. We should be generous to these nations and assist in providing defense, security, labor and materials when necessary. We should develop a common culture that breeds unity and openness. And we should reserve this alliance for each other and deal with other nations of the world in a different manner. I am hopeful a Joe Biden administration will improve American relations with Europe and we won’t engage in the mindless and malicious trade wars of the Trump administration, however I wouldn’t count on it.  

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