The Collapse of White Identity in America

100 years ago it was commonplace for politicians to shamelessly assert that America was the birthright of White, European peoples because it was the land we conquered, settled and built. Particularly the birthright of those from Northwest Europe. From its founding in 1776 until the 1965 Hart-Celler Act America was a country with a population more than 90% white. The Founding Fathers of America openly expressed their desire for America to be a white ethno-state of sorts and American presidents used explicit racial rhetoric to declare America was the birthright of White, European people all the way through the 1940’s. It was not only mainstream to be a White Nationalist, it was mainstream to believe the races were in perpetual competition with one another and it was imperative that whites maintain their dominance over the other races. 

So what changed? Why is such a mainstream position several decades ago considered so dangerous and controversial today? Why are politicians both Democrat and Republican so quick to condemn White Supremacy as “evil” and so quick to sign resolutions condemning white nationalism? It isn’t uncommon to see major media figures and politicians, particularly on the Democratic side gloat about how whites are becoming a minority and how that is a beautiful thing. President-Elect, Joe Biden said it was a “source of our strength” that whites are on their way to becoming an absolute minority.  

The seeds of the culture we see today were planted from very early on. Almost 500,000 African slaves were imported to the United States from 1620 until 1808 when the importation of foreign slaves was banned. While it is true that most of these African slaves were given a better life than what they had in Africa and even had a higher literacy rate than the population of Russia in 1870; it is a mistake to have other races of people do the work you should be doing. Chinese Coolies were brought in as independent contractors to work the railroads and dig the mines. Industrialism and capitalist greed for profit has played a major role in undermining racial solidarity. 2 million Jewish immigrants were brought in from Eastern Europe from 1880 until World War One. They would go on to form ethnic enclaves and slowly built up money, power and influence through ethnic lobby groups, criminal syndicates, political machines and media/entertainment empires which were used to advance their group interests and undermine the culture of their competitors. We can’t dismiss the impact the European immigration wave from 1880-1920 had on the country. These immigrants were mostly from Central and Eastern Europe which broke the tradition of immigrants mainly coming in from Northern and Western Europe. This undoubtedly made the country less similar, less united and less racially coherent which is why the Ku Klux Klan gained significant power and membership during that period and the national origins act of 1924 was passed in attempt to restore America to its Northwest European roots. The mass immigration of these groups followed by their complete assimilation and integration has damaged white identity.  

World War 2 was a crucial event that shaped the morality and worldview of Americans and Europeans all the way up to today. America intervened in World War 2 because the Axis powers posed a legitimate threat to Liberal democracy around the world. This is something the interventionists were right about. But if you told the white soldiers who fought for America in World War 2 that their country would soon become minority white and their great-grandchildren would have limited prospects for success in life, would live in a country that proudly discriminates against them through affirmative action quotas and there is a chance their grand-daughter would marry a black man, many of those soldiers would have dropped their weapons and surrendered to the Nazis. For example, Civil Rights protests were deeply unpopular in the 1960’s especially among veterans. But that is not the point. The point is that America and the Allies defeated the Axis powers and liberal democracy triumphed over authoritarian rule. The defeat of the racial idealist National Socialist movement proved costly for white identity politics in America and around the world. Liberal democracies like America have degenerated into multi-racial shopping malls where its citizens have no shared goals or destiny. Meanwhile the alternatives to this system are propagandized as “radical” and white identity politics has the stain of being associated with a losing wartime enemy to a victorious power.  

The Holocaust has played a significant role in the destruction of white identity. Whatever happened in those select few concentration camps during World War 2 namely Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, Chelmno, Belzec and Majdanek it is undeniable that the Holocaust played a massive role in the American conscious and has been invoked to attack and discredit expressions of white racial advocacy. There has been massive attention put into the Holocaust in the form of museums, monuments, commemoration days, books, lectures, movies, censorship and penal laws for those who question it in certain European nations. People have been inundated with Holocaust education from birth. The Holocaust and the power it has over people has been used as a political weapon. It was originally used as a rallying cry for people to support the state of Israel, but it has also been used as an instrument to silence opponents of mass immigration and prevent rational discussion about race or Jewish behavior. Any expression of white identity has the stain of being compared to The Holocaust which brings along flashing images of dead bodies stacked on top of each other and emaciated Jews locked inside of concentration camps looking pitiful and hopeless. The Holocaust gives moral zeal and righteousness to the biggest opponents of white identity as they feel they are brave soldiers standing in the way of another Holocaust. The Holocaust has become a metaphor for absolute evil and that has certainly harmed white identity. It is easy to imagine a different world if the Holocaust narrative did not exist.  

Many of these historical events and others are major reasons why White identity has collapsed in America. But there are deeper, more philosophical reasons as to why that may be the case. America was founded on Christian principles. It was a safe haven for Christians fleeing religious persecution in Europe. Christianity is a universalistic religion that attempts to appeal to everyone, particularly the New Testament. Christianity is practiced all over the world by people of all races on a large scale. It is unlike Hinduism and Judaism which has an explicit ethnic component. The majority of whites in Europe and America are Christian which could explain why many whites are averse to white ethnocentrism in favor of a more open and egalitarian society. Christianity teaches that we are all God’s children and that you are righteous if you treat everyone kindly and bring them the word of God. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of these values. Zeus, Jupiter, Odin, Thor, Apollo and other Gods from European originated mythologies are more fit to represent expressions of white racial power and greatness. Christianity was the driving force behind northern abolitionism. It was used to justify de-segregation in the south and the Civil Rights Act. Christianity has also increased white communion and consciousness in a way. It serves as a community where white people fraternize and build relationships with one another. It encourages marriage and family. Christian churches in America are still highly segregated to this day. During the crusades, Christianity was used as a proxy for the European race in their fight against invading brown armies. But Christianity has shaped the morality and worldview of European peoples for nearly 2000 years and it’s difficult to imagine that it hasn’t made white people more egalitarian and universal. There is an argument that Christianity has shaped the spirit and soul of our people, perhaps even our DNA.  

The ideology of Liberalism is a major reason why we are in our current predicament. The American Revolution of 1776 was largely based on Liberal principles. The colonists certainly had legitimate grievances against the British crown but they could not project the logical conclusions and evolutions of Liberal ideology. Liberalism is the ideology which gave space for toxic and demoralizing messaging. It gave space for an anti-white culture which would eventually come to thoroughly dominate and permeate American society. If Liberalism was rejected more people would feel the confidence to crush narratives and rhetoric designed to harm and demoralize our race. Degenerate art and cinema would not have a place in our society and would be replaced with art forms designed to uplift white people and make them feel proud of who they are and the history they have.  

It is a fact that whites have the least in group bias of any race in America. The short explanation for this is because whites are overwhelmed with dispiriting propaganda from birth and expressions of white identity are crushed with an iron fist by mainstream society. You can be fired from your job, alienated from status seeking friends and literally crushed by ANTIFA and nobody in the political or judicial system will come to your aid. It is the natural state of white people to prefer their own race to others. It is the natural state of any animal to prefer their own. That is why white identity has been rising over the past few years despite the propaganda even though the macro-trends show that white identity has collapsed.  

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