Sanction South Africa

The events occurring in South Africa today are not much different than the happenings in Rhodesia or Zimbabwe when Robert Mugabe was Prime Minister. Robert Mugabe was the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe who spearheaded a government sanctioned purge of white owned land from 1980 until the 2000’s. Mugabe refused to prosecute the killers of White farmers and encouraged the violent seizure of white owned land which often resulted in the murder, rape and torture of whites by savage black criminals with little conscious. Despite the shocking brutality and human rights violations encouraged by the Zimbabwean government during this time frame the western world did little to discourage Mugabe in his racially motivated purges. The mainstream media did not shine a light on these events with the attention they deserved and the refugees as a result of this crisis were denied entry to the United States and Western Europe.  

Mugabe is not viewed kindly by history as his country saw economic and financial ruin under his watch due to the murder of white farmers. His open endorsement of white genocide was a bit too obvious for the Jews at the New York Times who prefer to conceal their deepest opinions on race. However, he is still portrayed as a man with good intentions who succumbed to extremism by the media.  

South Africa is going down a very similar path as Rhodesia. Racially motivated violence against whites is occurring under the guise of “land reform”, white women are savagely beaten and gang raped by blacks and the government, courts and police are looking the other way if not outright encouraging this kind of behavior. Julius Malema, a rising figure in the South African political scene, very similar to Robert Mugabe is outspoken in his hatred and criticism of whites and sang an anti-apartheid song “shoot the Boer” at one of his rallies.  

The Republican Party in America loves to sanction and economically destroy nations opposed to America’s values when they are not drone striking and invading them. The least we can do to South Africa is place sanctions on them and refuse to be a trading partner until they make a serious attempt to root out racially motivated crime and land expropriation. If I were a politician I would refuse to conduct business with South Africa and would consider intervention until they implement strict law enforcement measures to punish murderers, rapists and thieves, passed austerity measures to provide farmers with the defense and confidence they need to defend their land and conduct human rights investigations into racially motivated brutalities perpetrated against whites. South Africa is heavily reliant on the United States for vehicles, oils, distillation products, chemical products and electrical equipment. Our demands would surely make an impact if we were willing to deny them crucial imports.  

It is awfully telling that there is not a single Republican or Democrat politician in Congress who would support these measures. Congressmen like Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton would rather bloviate about unsubstantiated claims of the Chinese government genociding Uighur Muslims rather than talk about the very real attacks against white farmers in South Africa. These people are disgusting traitors who should not be trusted to do anything. It is time for Congress, the GOP in particular to sanction South Africa. This is a measure that would be supported by AT LEAST 80% of Republican voters, yet disgusting politicians like Madison Cawthorn and Josh Hawley refuse to bring this issue to the forefront because they are careerist shills who do not want to rock the boat even though they claim to be populist firebrands standing up for the people against the swamp. I find them sickening.  

I encourage anyone who happens to read this to spread the idea to Sanction South Africa.  

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