It Is Time for Free Market Conservatives to Take a Seat

Capitalist worship and free market fundamentalism is a staple of the Republican Party and the Conservative movement in America. From the widespread de-regulation and tax cut policies of the Trump administration to the outrageous fear mongering of Socialism from party leaders to the groveling at the feet of billionaires expressed by Conservative pundits like Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro, the Conservative movement is a cesspool of free market Liberalism. Criticisms of the excesses of capitalism are few and far between and often times are underhanded attempts at maintaining credibility and not sincere efforts to help working class Americans. Democrats and older Liberals are also largely supportive of free market capitalism but at least they occasionally signal they are supportive of pro-worker policies such as raising the minimum wage and providing universal healthcare, which is the only reason they are able to win elections despite the fact that they are synonymous with being the party of wokeness, cancel culture, open borders, critical race theory, looting, rioting and defunding the police.  

Jeff Bezos is worth 183 billion dollars. Elon Musk is worth 136 billion dollars. Bill Gates is worth 129 billion. This is a level of wealth that is nearly incomprehensible to the human mind. And while it is true that much of this wealth is tied up in non-liquid assets it is still sociopathic, in my opinion, to justify this level of wealth considering the circumstances of everyday Americans. As these neo-feudal elites continue to rack up wealth at unprecedented levels, young Americans struggle to find jobs that will pay them enough to leave their parents house and start a family of their own. The median age of US home buyers is 47. In 1981, the median age was 31. Millennials own just 4.6% of the wealth in America despite making up the largest portion of the workforce. Mark Zuckerberg alone is responsible for much of the wealth the millennial generation has in America. It has become apparent to many young people that the American dream is dead. They will never be able to achieve the life their parents or grandparents had and they will be doomed to a childless existence, owning a small apartment in the city with a spouse if they are lucky.  

The material conditions we currently face can be directly attributed to the Republican politicians and Congressmen we have had throughout the years. Time and time again the Republican Party and Republican Presidents have catered to the interests of a small clique of financiers and industrialists without any regard for the masses. The Republican party consistently and unfailingly relaxes regulations on Wall Street and big business, looks the other way when it comes to white collar crimes and tax avoidance schemes, pursues aggressive strategies to weaken/eliminate labor unions, and delivers massive tax cuts to the rich at the expense of entitlement or job programs.  

Nature is cruel. Inequalities do exist. Some people deserve to have more wealth and more riches than others. Free market capitalism has unleashed the creative abilities and innovations of people who would not have gotten that same opportunity if they lived in a different system. This is all true. But it has become clear as day that capitalism has outlived its usefulness and it must change or evolve.  

Free market capitalism used to represent the value of individual initiative and hard work. If you had a good idea and the work ethic to turn that good idea into a reality, you could go from rags to riches while making the world a better place in the process. This is no longer what free market capitalism has come to represent. These ideas and this system has degenerated into a system based purely on individual selfishness and individual desire for material gain. It represents the widening gulf between rich and poor that has resulted in the ruin of the working class and the collapse of the American Dream. It has resulted in the triumph of the dollar, creating a class of people who are only interested in accumulating money and have no interest in the health of the greater community, nation or race. People define themselves by the cheap products they buy and consume and not who they are and the story they are a part of which is most sad of all.  

A nation is like an organism. All of its cells, tissues and organs must work together cohesively to ensure its health and survival. If there is cancerous internal growth that disrupts the health and harmony of the organism, it will sabotage every working part and the entire organism will die. America isn’t much of a nation anymore as we don’t really have a common race, history, culture or even language that binds us together, however this theory holds true for any collective body working towards achieving a certain goal.  

The Republican Party is the party of the parasitic, cancerous, ultra-wealthy elite that have brought the working class to ruin and created a hell of an existence for millions of Americans. Jeff Bezos is not a good person. He doesn’t deserve the wealth he has. Amazon wouldn’t skip a beat if Jeff Bezos died tomorrow. Jeff Bezos is also a Liberal Democrat who supports the Black Lives Matter movement. Which makes it even more puzzling why Conservatives are so insistent on groveling to billionaires who hate them such as Jeff Bezos.  

Free market fundamentalism has worn out its welcome. It is time we start implementing programs and policies that benefit white workers and allow them to live dignified lives even if it comes at the expense of the “free” market.  

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